Lumpectomy & SNB on Fri... Any advice?

Hi, I have my radioactive dye injection tomorrow & lumpectomy / SNB on Fri. Does anyone have any tips or can you give me an idea of what to expect? I think I’m almost more nervous about the dye injection than the surgery. Scared it’s going to hurt so have asked to have the Emla numbing cream they give to kids. Such a wimp!

Also recovery times, as I have 7 yr old & 2 yr old boys who are very boisterous and like to be picked up / played with & leap all over me.

Many thanks & good luck to everyone else on this journey. xxx

Hi, I can’t help with the lumpectomy as I had a mastectomy but I did initially have an SLNB. The injection they are giving you tomorrow is a radioactive substance, this stings a little but really is not that bad. You will feel normal afterwards. On Friday when you go into hospital for the op you will be seen by the anaesthetist and your surgeon before your operation. When the time comes you will be taken down to the operating theatre and they will insert a cannula in your arm, the opposite side to where you have your op. The anaesthetist will inject something and you might feel an ache but before you know it you will be out! During your operation for SLNB the surgeon will inject the blue dye and the combination of the dye and the radioactive substance will lead him to the sentinel node, sometimes they point to more than one and then those nodes will be removed. In some hospitals they test them whilst you are under and if positive for cancer the surgeon may remove all nodes, but I think in most cases the sentinel node goes off elsewhere for testing, results normally in a week. When you wake up you may feel groggy and have a very dry mouth. You shouldn’t feel too much pain as the area is numb and may remain numb for some days/weeks and in some cases forever. You may feel stiff and achy in the shoulder, but these can be relieved with painkillers. I didn’t have a drain for my SNLB but I did for my Axillary Node clearance. The scar for SLNB is about an inch long and will be covered by a dressing. Do your exercises religiously from the following day of surgery and you will regain mobility much more quickly. I have 2 boys, 9 and 7, I could still cuddle them with my good arm. Your 2 year old will be a little more challenging and hopefully you have help at home for the first couple of days, so you can take it easy. Hope this helps.
A x