lumpectomy Thursday 13th Oct, advice please

Hi well it is nearly here! is there any one out there who can give me an idea as to how I will feel after the op physically I mean, I will have lymph nodes removed too, so just wondering how long it will be before I am up and about and feeling a little more ‘normal again’. Also would I be better with a non-underwired bra or a vest top. Won’t be long now, need to get organised! starting to get really scared too :frowning:

Hello Sunshine!
PLEASE don’t be scared or worried - I was very apprehensive & afterwards wondered why!
I had a lumpectomy & SNB(only one lymph node removed, so no drains) back in May. I had day surgery,the op took about 1.5 hours, & I was sitting up in bed drinking tea & scoffing sarnies & biscuits within an hour of coming round from the anaesthetic.
I was home the same afternoon, had no pain & felt “normal” within a couple of days. Had my dressings removed a week later - was really pleased as they were starting to itch & it meant I could (gently) wash the area & use a roll-on deodorant(avoiding the scars of course!)
I went on holiday to Rhodes 10 days after the op & was able to do all the usual - swimming, sun-bathing & sightseeing - no prob!
I was advised by my BCN to get a cami-top but didn’t wear it as I found the elastic underneath was too tight. So I wore non-wired cotton bras a cup-size larger than normal (Matalan sell great packs of 2 for £5!)
5 months on all I have is 2 rapidly-fading scars about 2.5" long, & otherwise you wouldn’t know the difference in my 2 boobs - I’m 67, so no spring chicken!
I know everyone’s different, but I can honestly say that my lumpectomy was less traumatic than having a tooth out, & a lot less painful than the biopsies I had when I was DX!

Hope this helps - the best of luck for your op!
Sending you cyber-hugs,

Hi to you,

Snap i am also having same thing done on same day as you having pre op assesment today, have you had your pre op done yet?

It is a worrying time for us all this time being left in limbo gets us down i feel very edgy and irritable all the time so tired.

Sorry i have no more info to give you only support,that we are at same stage of our journey together.

Keep pecker up Pat xx

Sorry SUNFLOWER - got your name wrong!

Hope the sun shines on you today & every day!


hi ladies, im 15 months ahead of you , i was exactly the same, frantic with worry , you know the usual things, ie , will it hurt ?.. yes a bit… but nothing major, its sore but not agony,
will i feel anything ?. will i be properly asleep? … no you wont feel anything during surgery… and yes you will be out cold…
will i wake up afterwards ?.. i did and so does everyone else… but its a worry anyway …
any advice ? yes… start your exercises as soon as you open your eyes from surgery…
keep doing them as often as you can it will be sore but its ok …
dont go mad … with the hoover, or anything too heavy for a cupple of weeks… get plenty of books magazines oh and most importantly chocolates … 2 big boxes will do for starters… large box of tissues… for the i feel sorry for myself moments …oh and take some chunky warm socks in to hospital with you… my feet were freezing … and yes soft touch none wired bra,s are a must, matalan do some comfy ones that are cheap … hope this helps xxx angie

Hi sunflower,

I had wle and snb with 6 nodes removed on 5 August. In and out same day. It really wasn’t bad at all, I could drive the next day, didn’t need to take pain killers and felt fine. I had two weeks off work and this was mainly due to my doctor who insisted. I did feel quite tired sometimes, I think the anesthetic takes a bit of time to get out of the system.

Obviously everyone is different, but try not to worry, just relax and take it easy on yourself after.


Hi Sunflower I had my op back in April and like you was really worried. Its only natural to feel apprehensive. I can honestly say that it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. I had 2 lymph nodes removed.
I certainly agree with starting the exercises straight away. I was not in pain just felt a bit uncomfortable. Give yourself plenty of TLC,the chocolates are a good idea!
Take care

hi ya !!! had my lumpectomy and sentinel lymph gland removed under right breast and arm !!! was a doddle,had painkillers first day after,but now a week after bruising quite extensive and as mine was underside of boob bit uncomfortable as bra rubs on it a bit,but apart from that im back to normal !!! do the exercises they give you and take it easy for a few days and no your limits !!! but really not as bad as id dreamt it would be !!

Hi Sunflower

I had WLE & SNB (6nodes removed) 1st september and i was nervous but it was nowhere near as bad as i thought it would be. A little sore at times but scars healed fairly quickly and was nice to get the dressings off after a week as they were annoying me. To be honest it was more uncomfortable than painful and the biggest pain for me was only being able to sleep on my back for a few weeks.

As has been said do the excercises they give you regularly they really do help with getting movement back to normal. Best of luck, take care x x

phew! thank you all so much can’t tell you what difference that has made to my state of mind, it doesn’t sound as bad as my mind was making it out to be, I can’t thank you enough for all the advice, especially the chocolates that is a must! and I will visit Matalan I had been looking on internet and bras were about £35 plus so that will save me a lot. Will buy some thermal socks too.
Honestly this website is amazing, the help and advice is fantastic, I will have 5 weeks of radiotherapy after that but from all accounts that isn’t as bad as it sounds apart from the travelling

I will sleep so much better tonight ladies thank you and take care

Thank you for starting this thread. I am having my lumpectomy on Monday 10th, have been lurking for a couple of weeks, and have been much reassured by the answers you have received. I would love to know how soon after people felt they could drive?

Very best of luck Val


Following my first WLE I was back at work full-time after 1 week & drove from about day 10. As soon as you feel safe to do an emergency stop I was told.

After 2nd WLE I gave myself 3 weeks as I was off work for 2 weeks that time & a bit more sore. I had surgery on my left boob & found more discomfort from the seat belt than the surgery. Same when I had 3 weeks rads in March. I managed with slotting in a small soft cushion between me & seatbelt helped.

Take care hope all goes well next week.


I had 2 WLE and then MX. The first one was quick and I was up and about in no time. I was back to work after a week for the other WLE and the MX (but I have a desk job and get the train to work). I drove after about 10 days too.

I bought a nightdress from Matalan with buttons down the front which isn’t too bad and bought non wired sports bras from ASDA for about £4. They’re pretty comfy.

Hope everything goes well…big hugs

Just wanted to add make sure you have some button/zip up tops for after the op so you dont have to put clothes over your head as this may be a bit awkward/uncomfortable to start with.

I had 2 weeks off to recover but drove after about 10 days and felt fine, as long as you can wear a seatbelt and do an emergency stop you will be fine x

Had my lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy yesterday. Feeling ok, uncomfortable from pressure dressing (bit like a trussed chicken!), no real pain but had to take painkillers for headache. Been up and about ever since I got home, everyone’s different but you need to do what you feel comfortable with and listen to your body.

It really isn’t that bad and if you’re like me you’ll just feel so glad to get the blasted thing OUT, waiting 2 weeks for the op was the worst bit. I’m not really a chocoholic, but I’m gagging for a glass of wine. Whatever blows your skirt up! Hang in there, you’ll be fine.

Hi Sunflower
Thank you for posting this comment, the responses are really reasuring. I am also having a lumpectomy. I am due mine on 19 October and finding the wait a bit of an ordeal. Just want to get on with treatment. I hope everything goes ok for you on the 13th, can you post on here and let me know how things go?
hugs to everyone on here.
Gillian x

Hi Sunflower

Just in case this happens to you - I developed a wierd sloshing sensation and noise in my boob yesterday. It’s called seroma, it’s a build up of fluid, quite common and usually just goes away by itself (but it feels creepy)

I didn’t know about it beforehand so I freaked out, but it’s nothing to worry about and you can just call your BCN and she will probably drain it if you want. It probably won’t happen to you, but if it does, hopefully this might save you a midnight trip to the hospital and a lot of unnecessary worry. Forewarned is forearmed!

Hope all goes well on Thursday


Hi Monica thanks for that tip hopefully it won’t happen but just incase it does I will remember your info.
Just a waiting game now, I really could do with sleeping through the whole of today and tomorrow, but life has to go on.

I know people say it’s ok to be sad infront of people but I find that upsets family and friends too much, so I am now going upstairs to put my face on and pretend to the outside world that I am ok :0)
only you guys will know that I’m not :-(((

This website has really helped kept me sane thank you for all the support and good wishes, we can get through this together!! x

Hi Sunflower

Just want to wish you all the best for Thursday. I had exactly the same procedure a few weeks ago and it wasn’t too bad at all. It was done as a day case and I was up and about the next day feeling a bit tender but nothing a couple of paracetamol couldn’t fix. Drove after about a week. It is the fear of the op that gets to you. It was my first GA too, so I was really worried. On Friday I had to go in for an axillary clearance, so I am becoming an old hand at operations now. Feeling much more uncomfortable with that op but getting there.

You will be fine and back home before you know it and keep doing the exercises.

All the best
Barbara x

Good luck for Thursday Sunshine, I am only just starting this journey, saw the Surgeon yesterday and today have organised my pre-op checks and had a call from the hospital about my op date of 3rd November for a lumpectomy, suddenly it is all becoming so REAL, scarey too. However in the first week since I had the original visit to the hospital to have the mammagram and ultra sound then biopsy, I think I went through every emotion there is, now I find that the tumour is comparitively small and a ‘2’, that is all I know at present. Found the hospital support very good, but I have one choice to make at the moment, I have been offered a chance to go on a Trial for ostregen sensitive tumours (as mine is), this would mean that I have the tablets as from next week (ie 2 weeks before the op) and for 2 weeks after the op, as well as having them later on for 5 years of course. Difficult decision to make, originally I thought ‘yes I will do that’ but I do not know if the side effects will be debilitating for me, and I have it in my mind that I have until the 3rd November to be myself, and do things that I want to do, after the op who knows. So… do I go for the Trial or not? It could just possibly help me, may well help others in the future as well…
Any comments anyone?