lumpectomy Thursday 13th Oct, advice please

Oops sorry - meant to type Sunflower not Sunshine, apologies from a newby!

Hi Sunflower and all other ladies due in for surgery - I hope it goes well for you all and it won’t be a bad as the imagery your mind can conjure up.

I drank plenty of water in the days leading up to surgery to be as hydrated as possible - GA dehydrates the body and sometimes having nil by mouth from the night before is also quite hydrating too. When I came round, I was back into drinking plenty of water mode (to avoid the dehydrated headaches) and it also helps to flush the GA out of your system. Eating plenty of protein can help the body to heal following surgery too - I had smoothies to which I added protein powder.

I had mx and snb initially, followed by further full clearance and both times I felt ‘back to normal-ish’ within 2 weeks. The full clearance was harder to recover from with nerve regeneration pains, which aren’t pleasant (like being stung by lots of wasps and takes your breath away), but if they arrive, you’ll know what they are (I didn’t and wasn’t expecting them).

Keep on top of the exercises, but don’t push yourselves too far - it if hurts, stop.

Good luck with your ops ladies and let us know how you get on, if you have more specific questions, please feel free to PM (personal message for newbies) me if you prefer.

Julita, not sure what to say on the trial as I think it is a very personal decision - I have just started taking Tamoxifen last week, will be on it for 5 years too, but can’t advise much on side effects yet (too early) and I’m still getting over chemo and going through Rads - hope others may be along to help soon.

Hi Julita

Welcome to the club, sorry you had to join. I had (like the past tense?) ER+ tumour 16-20mm, grade 2. They asked me to take part in the POETIC (!) trial which sounds like yours, taking Anastrazole for 2 weeks before and after surgery.

I had a lumpectomy/sentinel node biopsy on Friday so taking the tabs for 2 weeks already with NO side effects that I can identify, apart from a few mild night sweats and flushes, but I was on HRT before this hit me so had to stop that in its tracks, and the menopausal effects could be down to that rather than the Anastrazole. Of course everyone responds differently but it’s been no problem for me.

You’re absolutely right about trying to lead a normal life - for a week or so I just sat around the house feeling fragile, not doing things I normally do, then decided to try and ignore it and carry on as before, otherwise it was going to take over completely. So I went for a 43 mile bike ride the Sunday before surgery. Waiting for surgery is the worst, you’ll feel better when it’s over. You have to take 1 thing at a time, otherwise it becomes overwhelming, so for now just think op and not about everything that might or might not happen after that.

You’re still yourself and always will be, cancer or no cancer.

Hang in there, Monica

Hello Monica
Yes that IS the one, same trial, but not sure if it is the same drug. However your post is very helpful, I know that everyone reacts differently to drugs, so what happens to you could be completely different for me. I had a Hysterectomy in my late 30s and have never had the menapause (at least if I did I did not notice it!!), so not sure how these drugs will act on me, something else to ask the Research Nurse on Friday perhaps - if this makes any difference to how I will react - they probably won’t know, but I can ask.
I lead a very busy life, I may be retired but I show and judge my breed of dog and will continue to do this as much as my body will allow, hubby promises to drive me to venues if required (bless him!), I intend to do as much as I have ever done if I can, I think that keeping busy is the best thing, gives you something else to think about and not dwell on that which you cannot change.
This forum is good, getting feedback from those who are about to, or have gone through, the same thing is great - thank you

Just got out of hospital after my lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy yesterday(10th). Everyone I met was lovely, doctors,nurses and anaesthatists. I have an incredibly neat scar just round the nipple, a fair bit of bruising but no great pain. Only boring things were that I arrived at the hospital at 7am and didn’t go down to theatre until 1pm. I felt quite bouncy when I came round and it was all over, had family there in evening and happy to chat for a couple of hours. But then the ward was incredibly noisy over night (a snorer and a very sick lady who needed a lot of attention) so I hardly slept and am now shattered. Apart from that I feel very happy. Howver now realise that I have an 8 day wait to hear whether they got clear margins and if they found anything in the lymph nodes. So its only the first stage of the journey!! Very good luck to those booked for later in the week. Stay in touch. Val

thank you ladies, loads of really helpful info here for me and ladies who are in our situation.
Going to sign out for now, pack my hossie bag and switch my music on full blast then bed and…well you know the rest
thanks again, will post as soon as I can
Hugs to everyone in the same situation this is all such a new learning curve but with the help of this site I feel quite calm (ish) about tomorrow xx
when I next sign in the op will all be over and done with wish I could speed time on :slight_smile:

Hi Sunflower

I hope all goes well/went well and you haven’t got a headache from all that loud music.

Good luck.
Had my tidy up op today, out the other side, like u this time tomorrow. Plan to follow, things will get better. Love and empathy,blessing

Hi Sunflower,
Hope you are feeling ok after your operation? I also had a WLE and SNB yesterday afternoon about 2pm, i was back home by 7.30pm. feeling sore but not as bad as i thought i’d be although ive got a bad headache. do you know when you get your results back? I have an appointment for the 24th oct so will know more about the treatment i will be having.

take care xxxx

Hi to all,

Thank goodness we are past 13th feeling battered bruised never had so many bruises, yep in a lot of pain feeling low as i have been told sign here for another op,had ducts removed was told another lump found there now the wait for result told half a story left to speculate the rest wondering why i was told i have a shadow. sorry about rant now p—of

Thinking of you all in the noahs ark,


Hello to all of you!

Valos & Blessing - sounds as if you’re both doing well! Great news! All the best for your next step along the road - I didn’t find it as long as I feared at the outset.

Sunflower - I was thinking about you on Thurdsay, & hoping all went well for your op & that you’re starting to feel better today. lots of us are waiting to hear how you got on!

Pink Princess - Glad to hear you’re through your op & that yesterday you were feeling better than you thought you would. Hope the headache’s lifted - perhaps it was the anaesthetic or the stress leading up to your op?

Mirador - sorry to hear you’re feeling down & that your op wasn’t straightforward.At least they’re onto your case &soon should have a better idea of what further treatment you’ll need.To be told half the story is b… annoying (to say the least!) When do you have to go back for more results? Is it worth sharing your worries with your BCN in the meantime?

Sending (gentle!) hugs to you all,

Hello ladies I feel such a wimp I definitely haven’t bounced back been in bed just up in a fashion but feel okish now, very sore very bruised I have no dressings was expecting them just lots of glue. Not very pretty thats for sure but to be expected. No info from hossie apart from its very cosmetically pleasing, I think it looks like something the dog has chewed up :(( will get better i know
Angie thanks so much about the warm socks tip don’t know what I would have done without them, Matalan bra is holding up well too
Just wait for results now
Mirador sending you lots of love and to the rest of the girlies on here xxx

Glad all well and to plan Sunflower. Was thinking of you. Hoping the next stage will be as good as can be too. The not knowing is the REALLY c**p bit of the whole saga. You take care and keep in touch.
Im sore but doing ok… I have nothing to moan about in the bigger picture. Love and empathy,


Still in dressing gown good job it is Sunday, and chocolate day, ice lolly day, lazy day, this is a treats day as i am so battered and bruised i have more bruises than a boxer as veins collapsed hence the bruising i dare not go out, more choc tommorow.this is the only bit i like being pampered.

Has anyone had incision around areola where i am stitched also incision around side? i thought ducts removal was done through nipple.hope you are recovering better today.

All i was told see you when results come through dont know when.
Yes i think i will need to talk to BCN as i feel quite shocked as what has been done with no answers.

Hugs to you all, pecker up Pat x

Hi Mirador

I had my lumpectemoy above my areola and have a 3inch scar there and my lymph nodes were taken from my armpit where I have a 4inch scar so I have 2 scars

I have a very neat little scar round the areola and a much bigger scar under my arm where the lypmh nodes have been taken.The original lump was in the side of my breast between the two! The one under the arm is a bit sore still but thebreast feels fine.I am still pretty bruised all around the area. Been out for lunch and a walk in the woods today so good to be getting back to normal.

thanks Blessing for your kind wishes, I agreed with you it as if you get over one hurdle then you have to prepare for the next. Last week all I could focus on was the op last thursday. Called nurse today apparently the appointment I have in a months time is for the results, a month! can,t believe my life is again on hold for a month.
Mirador - my op sounds very similar incision all around areola, and round my arm for lymph nodes, hope it is good glue!!!
sore but not as painful now and wow what colours I am changing colours by the hour
I am up and dressed so really pleased life is getting back to normal a little bit.
So I think we are now what the other ladies call on here in the “waiting room” not nice is it?!!

Hi everyone, sorry I have not been on here for a few days, but good to see that Sunflower has come through her op OK, one month to wait for result seems a very long time, I have been told it will be 8-10 days, which is somewhat different.
I start the Trial tomorrow, I am on Letrazole for 4 weeks, and my op is on 3rd Novembe, so I am hoping that I will not get too much in the way of side effects before the op and after it I will feel a bit crap for a few days anyway, so that does not matter!
I am finding it a bit weird now, sometimes I completely forget that there is anything ‘wrong’ with me, then suddenly it hits me that there is something inside me that is trying to do bad things to me, then I get scared. Reading of your experiences is very helpful.
Will give details of side effect of the pils - if any - over the next few days. Many friends know what is happening to me, do others find that they are OK unless someone is ‘kind’ and says nice things, then the tears are not far away? How weak and emotional I am, not my usual way at all.

Hi Julita
Yes the op is over but the pain from the lymph node removal is really annoying especially at night time when I want to sleep really want to give up painkillers but can’t yet, early days I suppose.
You have been told 8-10 days too most people have been I have called the nurses twice and they are sticking to their 10th November seems really unfair I think on Monday I am going to see if I can go higher I NEED to know good or bad.
You will feel better once the demon (as I called it) is out of your body I sort of feel that I have my body back again.
Weak and emotional is a good way of putting it, I considered myself quite a strong person but not now, but we need to be strong and not let it win!
Good luck with your op on the 3rd let us know how you get on, I couldn’t wait to get on here to update everyone I know we are all only ‘virtual’ friends but it really helps to know that there are people out there thinking about you and who you can share your deepest feelings with. x

Hi Sunflower!

I can’t believe how long you’re having to wait for results - for me it was only a week after my op that I saw my (lovely)surgeon & got all my results but one (the HER result - because I was HER2+ my sample had to go for further testing which took weeks, I think because there was a Bank Holiday which slowed things down.)
I think you’re right to try to see someone higher up! Where are you being treated? I’m at Warwick & had Rads at Walsgrave, Coventry.

In the meantime sorry you’re still in some pain - hope it soon clears up.

Still thinking about you,
Take care,