lumps and Working myself up



So I am fairly young (22) and so I am aware that my risk is very low and that’s what i’ve been telling myself for the last 48 hours, since I have called to make an appointment, been told to come in straight away, been referred on a “Fast Track” appointment to the breast clinic, recived my appointment and all paperwork, it’s all happen so quickly- which is nothing but a credit to our wonderful NHS but has also frightened stiff, i went a precaution as I have a family history after my breast had been hurting for a couple of week and i had found a lump which refused to disappear, but was convinced I would be told it was nothing to fret over, or at most be referred non urgently for peace of mind - and tonight will in the shower i was rubbing my aching neck and have found another lump, just at the base of my neck, which has of course done nothing but scare me even more. I would love to know if this is nothing but a coninsidense, or whether is another cause for concern.


would love some advice, thank in advance



Hi Stan,
Well, it’s so good you’ve acted on this & now it will be properly checked out, but as ever, the mind does go into overdrive whilst waiting.
You are absolutely right, the bc risk in someone of your age is as low as it can be & mostly there is a straightforward reason for the breast change.
Inevitably, once referred, we do get a bit sensitised to any other symptom, so let them know about it, but coincidence would be the most likely explanation.
If you want to, do let us know how you get on
ann x