lumpy breast after lumpctomy

hya tillie here i am 7 months int my treatment and i jus read a comment on the subject and after having a lumpectomy,and lymph nodes removed, the cancer was grade three aggressive 11cm across although i still not sure what that means, but i have since had lots of recurring cysts, yes i had cysts before but always had them drained off, i have since found more and went to the breast care nurse who had me to have a scan , there were many more than i expected but i thought maybe it the chemicals they pump into us (treatment) that makes them grow, anyways when she drew two of them off they were a black muddy colour wheas all the others previous ones were straw colour, then she put them in the BIN AND TOLD ME NOT TO WORRY AND GO HOME!!,i was still worried so told my onc and he said that to go back if i still worried Ahhh! i did go back but she jus drain’s the other two and sent me home ,no further scan or anything so really what are we supposed to do, we think they know best but I’m not so sure now, i still a ittle worrie, any one else had the same experience,

lv n hugs xxxtillie

Hi tillie

If you feel it would help to talk things through with someone on our helpline please feel free to call, it’s open again in the morning from 9am-5pm on 0808 800 6000. The helpliners are specialist nurses and can help you to better understand your treatment.

Best wishes