Lumpy breast after surgery

Hi Ladies,Ihad WLE surgery and sentinel node biopsies 3 weeks ago,Luckily i had a clear margin with no node invasion ,what i am concerned about is that my breast is still quite painfull and very lumpy ,should i be worried about all the hard lumps i can feel under the skin around my operation site?i am still bruised and in places still swollen .I see the oncologist next week so hopefully i will know what treatment i shall be having .Any thoughts or views on this would be very welcome.Thanks very much .Love Elliesx

Hello Ellies

I am four weeks post WLE and like yours my scar is lumpy underneath and still painful sometimes, especially if I have used my arm too much or have lifted something heavy. I don’t think it is anything to be overly concerned about. If it feels hot or looks red like an infection might be starting I would say get it checked out.

Unfortunately for me I did not get clear margins and have to have another WLE soon, so will be back to square one again.


Best wishes

Hi ellies


My lumpectomy was 12th April and is still lumpy and bumpy! I had my post op check last Wednesday and they were really pleased, lumps and bumps to be expected for a few months as it takes a while to heal.


I also have a little bit of tenderness which they said is also abbsolutely normal.


As long as you have no redness or the scar looks “angry” i wouldnt worry, but maybe get your breast nurse to check it for peace of mind. Im sure you are fine.


Hope this helps


Wendy xx