Lumpy skin under left nipple comes and goes ...

Hi, when showering last week I noticed the skin under left nipple was raised and felt ‘bobbly’, further prodding and it feels like a ‘ridge’ under the nipple not a defined lump or anything. However by the end of the day the skin ‘bobbliness’ had gone but still the ridge underneath was felt (tiny, like a grain of rice). Next day the lumpiness was there again - to be honest this skin lumpiness comes and goes, usually on a morning it is there but by the end of the day I feel as though I have imagined it although the ‘rice grain’ underneath is still always there. Went to GP who has referred me to breast clinic cos she could feel it was different to the other breast. I have also noticed at the side of the nipple a very faint purplish bruising (imagine a really faded birthmark?) but when I say faint I mean faint, it is barely there, however my husband spotted it when I asked him to look. The GP asked if I had any itchiness, when she said that I remembered I had awoke one morning to a manically itchy nipple but within 24 hrs this stopped and has been ok since, probs totally unrelated. I am just wondering if anyone has ever had anything similar? Feeling I am losing the plot imagining things before going to bed yet wake up to lumpiness again! So weird, help anyone what could it be?!

Hi keswickgirl1965

I’m sorry you haven’t had any replies to your post yet.

It might help to give our Helpline a call for information and support while you are waiting for your appointment to come through.  They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

I’ve also attached a link to our booklet which explains what might happen at your clinic appointment. I hope this helps:

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Hey Kewsick,

Sorry I don’t know what it could be but good that your GP has referred you to the breast clinic to get it checked out. Hope everything goes ok at your appointment, keep us posted and good luck :slight_smile:

Hi, yes, I have an appointment on Wednesday this week at breast clinic, GP referred me x