Lung Damage

Hi everyone,

Has anyone here had problems with lung damage following rads and if so what were the symptoms?

I had an x-ray last week to my shoulder and upper chest in relation to my frozen shoulder. After my surgeon reviewed it he ordered an urgent CT scan because he wasn’t happy with what he saw.

I’ve also posted about this in the secondaries section because I’m worried about it being lung mets rather than rads damage.

I’m in quite a lot of pain but I don’t have a cough or anything like that and I admit I’m obsessing about it a bit but I can’t help but worry.

Nymeria x

When I went for my rads planning I was warned that because of the position of the rads I could have some scarring on my lungs, and had to sign a disclaimer to that effect. I was also warned to tell anyone doing a chest X Ray that I had had radiotherapy and there could be scarring. Hope this helps.


Yes, nymeria, I’m kind of going through the same thing! Have had a cough for about 7 weeks now, different to you. Have had terrible chest pain too throughout the summer, but that is better now - last dr I saw thinks it was a ripped chest wall muscle from the coughing. I have rads damage since rads a year ago and I think more investigations may be in order, although I did have a clear ct 2 months ago. The cough is quite violent but only happens a few times a day and brings up some catarrh. Like you, I’m very frightened of lung mets and wouldn’t normally worry as I’ve had coughs before that last for months, but with cancer you can never relax, can you? I’m sorry I’ve got no real answers for you, but I’m sure that any pain or cough in the area is likely to be longer-lasting due to rads damage. Hope you get the scan soon and it is good news too.

Sarah x

I think part of my problem is that my aunt is now dying from bc and she has developed lots of lung mets.

What’s so confusing is that everyone is so different when it comes to symptoms, a bit like it is for primary dx. It’s been bad enough that this is pretty much 1 year on from when I first found the dreaded lump, so I was anxious enough about all the check ups before I even got as far as the x-ray.

My surgeon said that it could be lung damage but he wasn’t happy with what he could see and that’s why he ordered the CT.

Just one thing after another with this isn’t it? :frowning:

Nymeria x

So sorry about your Aunt. Hope it’s good news re:scan.It is a constant worry after dx.

Love, Sarah x

Hi I’ve got lung mets that was picked up by my gp on chest x ray all he said was I had a shadow on lungs I had a small cough also some chest pain but onc sd none on my symptoms were down to the lung mets I’ve still got a cough so maybe it is down to rads the marks on y lung cld be a number of things gd luck and let us know how u get on Laura x

Hi all,I had a cough after rads,doctor sent me for xray and nothing showed but gave me antibiotics,told my onc and she sent me for a ct scan,that showed scarring on my lung,I have a ct scan every 3 months,my last scan showed improvement and no mets on my lung,so now I’ll have ct scan every 6 months,next one november but I do seem to have alot of chest infections now,good luck with your scan x

An update!

I had the CT scan on Wednesday and my surgeon has just called about the results. He’s fairly certain that it’s not lung mets but lung damage from the rads. So good news on one front but the bad news is that he’s quite worried about the damage and wants further tests and a respiratory specialist to take a look at it. The radiologist who reviewed the scan was worried enough to call him the moment he’d finished looking at it, so whatever it is it’s not something to ignore.

Just when you think you are getting ahead, something else comes along!


Sympathy and hugs Nymeria- just when you thought it was going to fade from the conscious. It’s not fair is it?
All the best with whatever comes next. xx

Oh Nymeria, what a worry! I hope it’s nothing too ominous and having your poor aunt suffering on top of it all is horrible xxx

Poor you Nymeria, yet another worry.
Had meeting with my Onc last week and discussed RADS (2 more chemos to go).He said possibility of lung and heart damage due to position the lump was removed from.Had to sign the disclaimer.

hello ladies, can I ask a personal question re rad lung damage- would you say where on your boob the lump was? it appears I may have some damage although nothing was mentioned at time of having rads mine was left boob at 9 oclock position (sort of 1/2 way down inner side. don’t answer if you feel it too personal thankyou

I’ve had an mx so not sure if this helps but the largest of my lumps was just under my nipple. I had a large area treated - bottom of my ribs all the way up to my clavicle and the damage seems to be more at the top in the gap between my mx scar and my clavicle.

Re damage generally - yeah, it was pointed out to me before starting rads that there is the risk of damage but at that point you just sign the consent form and hope for the best don’t you? My hospital doesn’t normally do post-treatment scans/x-rays so my onc said in a strange way it was actually a good thing that I mentioned the problems with my shoulder otherwise it would have been a lot longer before a problem was spotted.

Now I guess all I can do is wait to hear what happens next. Still the *good* thing is that they are pretty confident that it’s not more cancer and I shall sleep better tonight knowing that.

Nymeria x

Hi Nymeria,

Pleased for you that it’s not lung mets, but sorry that you need more investigations. I’m still waiting for a definite answer on my cloudy lung bit…never ends, does it?

All the best and thanks to you other ladies for posting - all info. and experience is useful on here,

Sarah x