Lung mets - what are the symptoms?

Hi all,

I’m obsessing about this at the moment because I had an x-ray of my shoulder and upper chest last week which prompted my surgeon to order an urgent CT scan.

I don’t have a cough but I do have quite a lot of pain. I had put this down to the healing process from some broken ribs but I’ve realised that this is a different sort of pain and not really my ribs. I know I could be panicking a bit here and I’m hoping that it proves to be damage from rads (I had a big area treated), however it would also be interesting/useful to hear what other people’s symptoms were before dx.

Nymeria x

Hi Nymeria,

I was diagnosed with lung mets exactly 2 years ago. I went to my GP with a persistant cough, I had it for months, I thought it was just an infection but ended up back at the Royal Marsden and after CT scan and biopsy was it was confirmed Lung mets. I didn’t have any pain and still dont. I did experience quite alot of pain after rads in the ribs and area I had the rads in fact ribs on that side are still quite sore and that is the left side, my tumour is in my right lung and no pain that side. I know we are all very different with the symptoms we experience but I hope this is of some help to you.

I wish you luck with your ct scan and results do keep us informed. I had ct scan last week and results tomorrow so feeling quite nervous at the moment as I think we always do at this time.

Take care
Marina x

Hi. Ive got numerous lung mets nd no symptoms from them! Sorry this does not help you, but hope hope hope you are ok.

Sadie Xx Xx

Thank ladies! xx

It’s so confusing all of this as just like a primary dx there are so many variations regarding symptoms. I just don’t know what to think and feel like I’ve been plunged back into all the worry that I had this time last year.

I have been good and not done too much googling though because that really made me panic last year! :slight_smile:


hi i am new to the sit my name is lorraine but i have just had my biopsy results today they told me the cancer have come back in myskin on my reconstuction breast, i have to have a ct scan to see if it have got anywhere else its was only a year ago this month i was diganosed and i am still having herceptim which dont finished until jan i am totally confused and afraid

I’m so sorry to hear that lorraine, what awful news! :frowning:

I am sure some of the secondaries ladies will jump in here with some proper advice on how to deal with things but meanwhile here’s a big cyber hug - you are not alone!

Nymeria x

Hi Nymeria,
I realise this post might be a bit late but here goes. I was dx with multiple lung mets to both lungs at the same primary dx with IDC to the right breast. Have had chemo taxotere/fec x6, surgery mx with lymph node clearance and next week start rads for 3 weeks. Initially upon dx I did not have any symptoms all I had was an itch on my right breast this itch alerted my doctor to send me for a scan at the breast care clinic where once they had done all there tests after a ct scan they found the lung mets.

I’ve started to have a cough at the moment still on tamoxifen/herceptin although a lot of my friends have had a similar cough that has persisted for months with them and they are all cancer free. Getting worried about the cough and waiting for results of latest CT scan to see how well the chemo did on the lung mets we know that it worked on the primary and lymph nodes because it reduced the prmary from 6cm to 2mil, so we know it worked. Just hope and pray that the cough is just what everyone else has got a sort of bug and that the mets ot the lungs are all gone.

Sending you love and light
Sarahlousie xxxx