Lung Mets.

Just wondered if anyone has had a long term cough with lung mets. I started coughing in Aug. and still coughing! I’m on Cap. (5th cycle) and Herceptin, my onc. has given me various cough mixtures but they have their side effects too. My ribs can be quite painful with coughing, bone scan last month was ok. Sorry about whinge, Jan

Hi Pipkins

I had a cough and lost my voice a year ago and thought it was laryngitis, accompanied by a very bad cold. Several lots of anti-biotics and a trip to the hospital for a chest xray later, I was diagnosed in April last year with multiple nodes to lungs and abnormalities in liver. Cough continued but eventually stopped when I had chemo.

During last couple of weeks though I have been very breathless and the cough has returned. Am waiting for result of chest xray now.

It is very wearing coughing all the time and, as you say, painful when you just can’t stop. Hope they manage to stop it soon for you, and good luck with your treatment.

Trixie x

Coughing I guess is part of having to live with lung mets. I just put up with it-at the moment it isn’t too bad-more of an irritation. My onc reckons that codeine based linctus is as good as anything in terms of giving some relief.I’ve had lung mets since Nov 2007-and been coughing to some degree since then.