lung secondaries

Hi everyone,
Had CT Scan today for suspected lung secondaries. Anyone else with this who can give me some idea what to expect next please

I was dx four weeks ago with lung secondaries I have no idea what my prognosis is, nor do I want to know. I have read lots of posts from the secondaries ladies here and many have been having treatment for a very long time.
I have just completed my first cycle of Capecitabine which is an oral chemo. I am praying that it works because I have so far had absolutely no side effects and have also been told I can travel, so am planning a holiday abroad in the next few weeks.
I find it hard to come to terms with because physically I feel so well, my only symptom was a small lump under my arm which prompted a C.T.scan.
I wish you luck with yout C.T.scan and hope and pray it turns out well for you,
Take care,
Jan x

Hi Jan,
I’m so sorry to hear of your progression.I had lung mets which have been dissolved by the Capecitabine.I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it works for you too.The only problems with the Capecitabine that I had was slight nausea sometimes and sore feet-not too bad!
Go and enjoy you holiday.Where are you going?
Alli x

Thank you both for your comments. Alicat did you have any symptoms before diagnosis?

Hi Knight,
No I didn’t have any symptoms.It was detected through a CT or MRI(I’ve had that many,I can’t remember which)scan.I also have mets to liver and spine.The Capecitabine also cleared my lymph nodes and shrunk my very large breast tunour to 1cm.
Alli x

Hi Alli,
I am hopefully going to Portugal on a golfing holiday next month.
I have an appointment to see my onc on monday as I have a problem with herceptin and my heart function,so I pray I will be back on it soon, as soon as I know I can book our trip.
Did you travel while you were on Capecitabine?
I do hope I have the same success as you had. I have been told that I have possible mets to my liver as well… just don`t know what they mean by that! I have so many questions…
Take care,

Hi Jan,
I went to Turkey last September just before I started Capecitabine-I shouldn’t have gone really because my breast tumour was huge and I’d just been told that I had progression to lung and spine(which was also sore).Onc said I had 'no immediate life threatening disease’and a holiday would do me good.
If you are starting chemo I would just be careful who you come in contact with on holiday because of infections and don’t forget to take your thermometer with you.
Onc said my liver was inconclusive at the start.They can’t tell if it is cancer until you’ve been on the chemo a while and if it shows any changes to the liver on the next scans.That’s probably what they meant.
Take care and I hope you get away.
Alli x