Lymph node biopsy results.


It’s the first time I’ve used this site, and am so glad it’s available. I am trying to stay calm and collect about this, but I was found to have an enlarged (2.7cm) lymph node deep in my left breast, near the chest wall. I get the core biopsy results on Wednesday 10th June. I’ve done everything from trying to ignore it, to writing out my funeral arrangements!! Are enlarged nodes always bad news? They are talking about doing an MRI scan next (have had mammogram,scan and needle biopsy, alongside core biopsy). This 12 day wait is unbearable. It’s hard to concentrate on anything. My family are lovely, but it’s hard for them too. Someone please tell me that what I’m feeling is normal and that I’m not going bonkers.

I do have BC but i had quite an enlarged lymph node by my breast and it was certainly felt (by the professionals) that the cancer had spread there. The results came back and it was clear!

I was poorly a the time with a cold and it probably made the lymph node enlarged.

Good luck


Thank you so much for this. There have been a lot of cold and flu virus’ around, so that might be my answer. Thank you so much.

Chel - the waiting for results bit is always hell and I would say that what you are feeling is absolutely normal. I wish I could give you some tips of how to get through it but I just don’t know of any.
Hang in there and best of luck.


Thank you for this. I’m so used to being in control of my life, that this situation comes as a bit of a shock. I feel that everything is on hold. I’ve been trying to hold on to a lot of my feelings, to try and avoid worrying my family…especially as I don’t know exactly what I’m dealing with. This site is a real find. Thank you so much for your good wishes. Chel.

Hi Chel

I get the full results of my lumpectomy on Wednesday 10th June as well, so am playing the waiting game like you.

Diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer on 28th May, and had the surgery on 1st June, so it’s all still sinking in.

Will be thinking of you on Wednesday. My appointment is 11.35am in the Cancer Centre (nice) at the local hospital. What time are you up?

Take care everyone,

Shenagh xx


Oh my goodness, you’ve been through much more than I have. Thank you for taking the time to write. I wish you all the best for Wednesday
morning. I’m in at 15.10hrs…will have no fingernails left by then!
I wish you a very positve outcome and that you’ll have no need for any further intervention. Very best wishes, Chel.

chel - its normal to feel so whacked by it all - and the waiting is horrendous…will be crossing all for you and sending positive vibes!! You quite often hear that things are not as expected so hang on in there…mary x

Mary, thank you for this. I’ve just got over 24hrs to wait now. I feel like a breath of wind would knock me over. It’s incredible how worrying affects you. When I see the Consultant tomorrow I’m going to ask why it takes 12 days to get these results through…it seems an awfully long time…even if you get good news at the end of it! I wish I could say that I’ve used the last eleven days constructively, but apart from a bit of washing, ironing and gardening, I haven’t. Note to self…if I ever have to go through something like this again, I’m going to buy wallpaper and re-decorate the hallway! Turn a negative to a positve eh? Best wishes, Chel.