Lymph node check or removal?

Hello.  I saw my consultant for the first time last week and he talked to me about lymph nodes but I dont’ remember everything.  I am seeing him again next Wednesday.  I have DCIS in both breasts and will have a double mastectomy.  

I think he mentioned removing the sentinel node but isn’t there also a way to just have them checked during the surgery but not removed?  I’m asking because I read the brochure about lymphoedemia so if I could avoid that, that’d be great.

Hi Stephanie ,they usually remove the first set of lymphnodes that the cancer drains into and test them post op ,if any contain cancer they will consider removing all the nodes under your arm in a further op .Some hospitals I think maybe be able to test them during the op but I think that still involves removing 2 or 3 nodes.Why don’t you write any questions you have down before your appointment with the surgeon .You could also ask about this in the "Ask the Nurses " Section of the site too .Jill.