lymph node clearance

hi ladies i had a anc on 24th april and just wondeing if any one else had same and how they felt after xx any advice would be really appreciated thanks xx

Hi Quinny,

I had mast and anc on 9th march. I was hospital for 5 days to make sure everything had fully drained. I was told I’d be in between 2-5 days depending on how quickly it drained. The drains were just a little uncomfortable but I took all painkillers offered and that made a difference (they do make your system vet sluggish though). I did the gentle excerise the physio provided, got a little booklet. A little stuff showering and unable to raise arm up very high but did notice a difference after 10 days, really loosened up. Between all the normal things you do during the day it gets a good workout (dont go lifting anything heavy etc) and now 7 weeks on I can’t really notice I had any surgery there unless I do a mega stretch. Gently do it and best of luck with your recovery :slight_smile:

thank you hunni did u feel strange things goin on were scar is its ovs things knitting back as i say its been two days now feel like swelling gone down a bit just now and again it feels full under arm for few seconds then goes down again xx

hope u understand what i wrote just upset at mo as just got over first op then now back to scare one with 2nd :frowning: x

sorry me again when would u say to start exercises i just lifted me arm 4 few seconds but hurts xx


I had full clearance on 2nd March along with mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. I was doing exercises two days after op as physio came to see me whilst I was in hospital. If you keep doing them you will notice everything getting looser. I have days when swelling feels like it has gone and days when it feels like it is really swollen but they have told me that it is because of the length of my op etc and the other aspects that can cause me to still have that. On occasions I get twinges and tingling sensations and I have been told that it is the nerve endings waking up gradually.

Hope this helps hun and feel free to PM me if you have any questions.


Natalie xxx

Hi quinny,

I had node biopsy and the things you are talking about were relevant to me. My wound was really sore, sometimes the pain was inside, down my arm. I’m almost a month gone and it can still be sore but I could lift my arm upafter a day or two… That was only three nodes…

I am getting the rest away with my mx next week. I’m a bit worried too. I’m not sure if the go in under the arm as in biopsy or are able to do it through the breast.

If your worried, which you clearly are you should go and see about it. Don’t worrynabout wasting time or sounding daft ( I should take that advice myself)

Hope you getpeace of mind and full range of pain free movement.

Eleanor xx

thanks eli im seeing bc nurse monday its not as bad as yesterday so im hoping fluid is going away what exercises do u do xx

Hi there, yeah should have said that is is perfectly normal to feel all sorts of weird aches and pains. My bcn said that you will feel nerve endings and that’s very normal. I was swollen too but it does calm down. My wound site was very tender but I took all the anti imflamitory pain killers and that really helped so i really didnt feel much pain taking them. Did your BCN give you any booklets with excerises or did a physio drop you in anything (a physio appeared one day for 30 seconds and left me a booklet but didn’t actually show me anything). The excerises were very gentle. I had one where I held my arms in a folded arm position and gently raised them. You won’t be able to lift the up high for a good while but that’s because everything inside is busy knitting back together but gradually it will loosen up. I think there was another one where you gently swing your arm but again check with with your nurse. They really will keep an eye on you to check you are healing well do try not worry too much as you are only a couple a days after and you are bound to be sore and very stiff. It gets easier I promise x

thank u mulligans i feel a bit better than yesterday and moving a bit i was given a exercise dvd so will look at that soon as hubby making me rst 4 few days in bed im taking codiene and paracotmol and it seems to b helping xx

I wasn’t given exercises so I just moved it as much as was comfortable, quite frequently.

Stretching a little if necessary. But I was able to lift it to my ear quite quickly.

Eleanor x

i had full clearance but kept breast. i was in and out the same day and moving my arm as normal next day. District nurse said this was most unusual. ATB.

I had anxillary disection on march 13th (14 nodes and part of the chest wall). i saw the physio team when I went for pre op and they gave me a booklet as well as running through the exercises.I stayed in overnight and went home with the drain in - went back 5 days later to have it removed.My armpit was quite swollen and very numb.
I started exercises on day 3 and have done them every day since.I had to go back in as a day patient last week to have a port fitted and the nurse said I had a seroma but thought it would sort itself.I was advised to continue with the gentle exercises.
Under my arm is still slighly swollen and numb but is improving.I do take anti inflammatories daily for bone pain so pain has not been a problem.I have been putting pure aloe vera on the scar, but I have not had any pain there.It did feel a bit lumpy at first but seems ok now.Stiffnes in arm now gone but have to remember not to overdo things or lift as it is right arm and I am right handed.
Good luck with op’s.

L xx

how long did u all rest for as i am on day 4 and when stand up feel sore well heavy did anyone feel like this as i feel like im going mad .well i am to b honest hubby wont let me get out of bed i go down stairs 4 bout half hr or hour but do feel more comfy in bed im on codeine and paracomol 4 pain and lifting my arm a bit and with dressing on i find it hard it feels so uncomfortable with it on like it pulling my skin all the time …sorry 4 goin on but dont no who else to talk to and no u ladys have gone thro it xxx

I think you should go with how you feel.

I was more comfy in bed… I only had a few removed, but I had that heavy feeling.

It is probably important tho to continue to move it as best you can. This is a horrible op. I’m getting my mx and node removal thurs, and to be honest. The node removal bothers me more because the wee biopsy gave e so much hassle, not pain like you are feeling but so uncomfortable. Strange feelings, sensations, numbness etc…

Then problems with the wound.
hope you feel better soon.

Eleanor xx

aww eli good luck with yours im getting all the werid things you are saying now and yh i think bed is best at mo i am trying to move my arm a bit ive watched a dvd i was given tried to do them but only can manage small stretches and i been massaging me arm and got pillow under arm to take some of pressure xx

I found moving around difficult when i went home as I still had drain attached for 5 days.I did find moving around as much as I could manage helped and in fact after a few days managed a walk along the beach,felt like i was human again.I did overdo it with my arm being right handed and uanable to stop myself using it so arm became painful for a while.I was told to do the exercises as much as I was able but not to push it.I did find the exercises helped when the arm became tight.It also felt so much better when the dressing came off.I had been putting pure aloe vera gently around the dressing area and have been putting it on the scar. I still have slight puffiness 5 weeks down the line but it is reducing,problem is I had a port put in on the same side 8 days ago so coping with soreness from that as well.
Just hang in there and go at your own pace but do try to move as much as you feel able.
L xx

thank you hun i do try and do things i carnt stretch as much as i like but when i get out of bed i look in mirror at dressing so lift arm 4 a bit i just dont like the full feeling i get even tho it comes 4 few seconds then goes back down xx