Lymph node pain.

Good afternoon all you lovely ladies out there.


quick question please :  if any of you have had sentinel lymph nodes removed, like me had 1, 2 and 3 , are you getting sharp, stingy pains under armpit and on the edge ?? Also feels like its being rubbed red raw by seams of my clothes, but when i check there is nothing visible on the skin?


at present i have a soft pad and folded up handkerchief along under my arm and folded over my crop top.


any comments would be appreciated.  Thx everyone :relaxed:

I still have discomfort and pain 2 years on , worse when I have done too much or I’m unwell.It is a lot more sensitive than the breast in terms of pain ,healing and swelling.

Hi, I have had 13 lymph nodes removed six years ago plus a mastectomy and I still get sharp pains and soreness occasionally. I was told that because of damage to nerves in the armpit you can get pain and soreness and that it is normal. Sorry I can’t be of any help. Hope the soreness and pains get less as time goes by.


Have tried to consult the doctor? Please do a check up to ensure what you feeling is dangerous.