lymph node sampling on chest wall

Just finished chemo. 4xtaxol and 4xec. I am due to have surgery on 13th March, it will be a WLE, and as long as the path. results are ok no futher surgery will be necessary. I have already had 8 lymph nodes out from under my arm and 2 were positive.
What worries me is the surgeon is going to sample a lymph node under my breast on the chest wall which is a delicate proceedure. Just concerned in case something goes wrong as apparently the lung is easily punctured and there are lots of blood vessels around.
Would love to hear from any women who have had this done.
Best wishes Alison x

Hi Alison, it sounds like I’ve been in a similar situation to you. When I had my SNB the nuclear stuff went to a mammary node as well as underarm and this caused concern for my surgeon. Therefore he offered me a PET scan which highlighted a possible cancer sight in that mammary area. When I had axillary clearance 6 weeks ago, they managed to get one mammary node, he went very slowly, it was tricky as they say, but I didn’t have a lung puncture and was absolutely fine. The chest area was sore for a few days. The path. results proved it was cancerous. I’ve just started my chemo now, but as the consultant says the cancer is in the bin, and this is just an insurance policy.

Good luck

Love Liz x

Hello Liz
thank you very much for replying, it does sound as if you have been in a similar situation. So glad all went well for you and I feel more reassured now. The surgeon is keen to see if the node is cancerous even though I had chemo first as its right below the tumour.
Nothing is staightforward is it!
Good luck with your chemo. I found the time just whizzed past.
Love Alison x