Lymph Nodes - 1 sentinal postive - now waiting for test results

Hi everyone
My Mum had a lumpectomy and sentinel nodes removed 2nd July. Thanks for everyones support leading upto that. We were then called in to find 1 of the 3 sentinels taken was positive for cancer. So my Mum then has the clearance and we are awaiting results.

She is luckily grade 1, the tumour was 14mm, she is hormone positive. I have lots of questions though popping into my mind all day and night!! Just wondered if anyone might be able to help?

If Grade 1 doesnt spread easy and her tumour was small why is it in her nodes? How many nodes will be infected? Is there a relationship between tumour size / grade and the number of infected nodes? They said if more than a couple of positive she will need chemo. I have been trawling the net for answers but just get really scientific medical papers.

If anyone can help me I would be grateful.

Thanks, and best wishes to all xx Suzy xx

Hi Suzy

Just a couple of thoughts here - are you sure she isn’t stage 1 (less than 2 CM) and then a different grade than 1. It would certainly explain why a small tunour appeared in the nodes. In very very general terms the larger the tumor the more likely it is to spread,

But you know what- Breast cancer is a ridiculously unpredictable disease, there are no hard and fast rules. The fact the cancer is really small is great and if your mum has to have chemo, well its very doable, she can get through it.

best wishes

Hi Suzy

You may find our publication called ‘Understanding your pathology’ helpful to read, it contains some information about lymph nodes which you may find of interest:

Best wishes

Thanks Cathy, but its definately grade 1. We do not know the stage until they have investigated the lymph nodes.

So what happens then I wonder? How will they know if its anywhere else?!!

Lucy, thanks I will have a look at the Pathology publication.

Best Wishes to all
Suzy xx

Hi Suzy

I had a mastectomy this year for a 1.9cm grade 1 invasive lobular cancer with all my nodes removed and had one node affected.
Im 44 and was offered chemotherapy of which I have one more dose to go. My oncologist said I didnt have to have it and he would regard it as overtreating but it was up to me. I decided I wanted everything and anything.
They come to treatment options from an overall picture and everyone is different in the end. What is right for one lady wont be for another. I was very very disappointed that one of my nodes had been affected and wished it hadnt but took comfort that the oncologist wasnt that bothered!

Lyn x

Hi mine was a 24 mm tumour, fast growing and aggressive ('ere u looking at me - huh i’m gonna grow then and see how u like it!) and one lymph node out of 8 removed affected. I had lobular invasive cancer so opted for mastectomy. I’ve done the chemo and awaiting the rads. There are soooo many factors from age to menopausal stage etc that the oncs weigh up, but hormone postive is good!

Best wishes to your mum and keep supportign her - i bet she’s v glad to have a daughter like you! i am 5 with 20 and 22 yo old sons who are v matter of fact - they will cook etc when they are home but not a lot of emotional support because they still need me to be strong mum (i’d swear they are still 4 and 6 yo old really!!!)

take care of yourself too



I have grade 1 !.8mm or i did have. They only took one node which had cancer but i was told rather than do more surgery they where hitting me with chemo and rads but not only in the breast region but up to my neck as it may have spread.


Hello again… thanks for all the kind support. We are still waiting for the results of how many are affected.

Lyn, yours sounds very similar to my Mum, and I asked her today if she is offered chemo would she take it, and it was a resounding YES. Its good to know that Jen, Joanne and Lyn, you all only had one positive node. It keeps me feeling positive to know that.

I am hoping that we will get the results next week now. Its daft how many things you over-analyse. I was just thinking maybe she has loads of nodes and thats why ita taking a long time for the results!

Thanks everyone. I hope you all get through treatment with the strength that you all show to others on this forum xxxx

Hello everyone.

We have news and it is wonderful news! My Mum had 30 nodes removed - no wonder it took a while for them to be studied!! None of them were affected. Only 1 of the initial 3 sentinal nodes was positive. I cannot believe it!.

This means no chemo just rads and tamoxifen 5 years.

I just wanted to thank everyone for there support. Now we have the results I am finding it very hard to recall anything I have done in the past 2 months. Just makes you realise how much stress makes you lack any concentration and focus for anything else, and it isnt even me it was happening to.

I wish everyone all the very best . Thanks again xxxxx