Lymph nodes removal or not

Sorry long post -
dilemma do I have the rest off my lymph nodes removed ??
Going through yet another operation risking getting lymphedema …
When the lymph node was only over in size by 0.5mm,
Normal protocol was if under 2mm then they do not remove the rest off the nodes but as I have gone over by 0.5mm I am having make a choice,
Back in the days they did not ask people in the uk they just went ahead and removed and if you was found to have cancer cells then you would go on to have radiotherapy along with other treatment planed for the cancers found,
I have recently on 4.5.17 had
left breast skin sparing mastectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy.
Pathology report said
Found Invasive ductal carcinoma grade: 3 Cancer tissue size: 18mm, whole size: 26mm
Axillary lymph nodes present: SLNB x1 containing tumour: 1 x 2.5mm macrometastasis
ER: -8/8 (on previous core biopsy BH17-2940/LH17-12084) NPI: -5.36 TNM: -G3 pT1c pN1 (s n)
Cancer is receptive to Oestrogen and Herceptin.
My cancer team have said I need 6 rounds of chemotherapy
1 tab for 12 months
1 tab for 5 years
I was also told the consultant team believe that they believe my cancer if any in the lymph nodes is present they believe the chemotherapy along with the tablets and injections should be enough to treat me and they will closely monitor my lymph nodes with future monograms and regular checkups but under the guide lines they can not help me or make the choice for me ?
What do I do delay chemotherapy and agree to removal off lymph nodes or risk it and say NO to further treatment for lymph nodes
I now I do not want a computer making my choice
I also now but I do not want radiotherapy and I am scared off having lymphedema or more hypersensation problems
Thank you any replay in advance xx

Hi personally I would not take the risk of leaving lymph nodes in that may cause a problem down the line. I have lymphoedema but do not regret having my lymp nodes removed. If I was in your position I would have them out but it is your decision. I recently had a small recurrence in a lymph node in chest 5 years after diagnosis. I was very lucky it got spotted as it was removed. Also I’m sure you realise even if you have lymph nodes removed it does not guarantee that you will develop lymphoedema. You can cope and live with it as many ladies do and I would prefer to be alive with lymphoedema than not.

Thank you for you reply xx