Lymph nodes

Hi all

Ive posted before my mums got Dx (ER+)in November shes nearly on her 3rd chemo them mx and rads.

Im all of a sudden worrying about the lymph node clearance, shes had the lymp node samples done and 3/5 were positive i stupidly thought this ment the rest would be clear but ive found out it doesnt so now im worrying thinking if its in more it could be all over :frowning:

I felt really positive before but now im really scared of ehat may happen…

Hi cat23,

I think from what you’re saying your Mum is having her chemo before either a WLE or mastectomy with axillary lymph clearance? This is roughly the same as I had. Before chemo I knew I had one ‘enlarged lymph node’ but after the full clearance they confirmed three were affected. I expect with your Mum they did scans before her chemo as she had lymph node involvement - bones scan and CT of whole body? Provided these were clear (and she would definitely have been told if they weren’t) then there is no evidence of metastases, i.e. it remains as primary diagnosis.

Try not to worry yourself too much, I know it’s hard, but it is all too easy to read something and panic. Your Mum’s onc will have it all under control and by the sound of things is treating her with “curative intent”

Hope this helps a little


Hi Cat23,
Even if it is in more lymph nodes your Mum may still do very well.
There are lots of ladies on here with many lymph nodes involved who are doing fine.

Hi Cat,

There’s a thread that I found when I found out my nodes were positive when I was having a panic:

The bottom line is that the majority of people will go on to be cured. But just as there will be ladies who have lots of lymph nodes involved who wont experience any recurrences or spread…there will unfortunately be ladies who don’t even have lymph node involvement who do go on to experience metastasis. We just can’t tell what’s going to happen and it is very scary, but please don’t lose your positivity as MOST women SHOULD make a full recovery… (Easier said than done…wish I could head that advice!!)


Thank you all for replying its nice to know theres people going/gone through similar things.

Yes shes having chemo before mastectomy and lymp node clearance.
My mum asked about scans when diagnosed and he said that she didnt need one… this worries me too how does he know?

She saw a different onc the other week and he said that the cancer is technically gone as the tumours and lymphs involved have been removed, they are removing the breast as theres a 65% mass which would eventually turn if they left it.

Its hard as you just donr know what to expect. Thanks again everyone theres some lovely people on here xx