Lymphodema holding up chemo

Lymphodema holding up chemo

Lymphodema holding up chemo Was due to have my first Taxotere yesterday (hve already had 3 x FEC)but they would not give it due to red patches on my op side - on my lower arm and on my back under my scar (had LD recon).

A week or so before that one of my fingers on that side was very swollen and red and was given antibioitics, which did nothing. Doctor gave me antibiotics to take if it got worse, but breast nurse thought it was probably lymphodema. So now taking antibiotics and hopefully will be Ok to have chemo next week (hopefully!!! I just want it over with).

Being referred to lymphodema nurse, but she is currently off sick. My arm, recon boob and back feel heavy, sore and looks swollen. Have got exercises to do but am wondering if I need to have a compression sleeve.

Any suggestions? I know there are self massage techniques, but have been told to wait until I have been taught properly before doing this. I’m going round in circles, my GP says that I need the advice from the lymphodema clinic.


Dear Anita You may find our booklet called ‘Living with lymphoedema after breast cancer’ helpful to read for further information. You can read it via the following link: Cancer Care_lymph06_0.pdf

Also, please feel free to contact our helpliners on 0808 800 6000 for further advice, information and support. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

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Lymphodema Hi,
Lymphodema is annoying and no-one seems to know why some get it and others do not. I got lymphodema two months after all treatments and thought I would probably not get it. I have days when it is worse than others and have different types of compression sleeves. I do do exercise but find too much can make it worse. I think you should see what your nurse says as I know it is different for everyone. I do find rubbing cream in from fingers up arm seems to help my arm. Also using a large soft brush in the same way.
Unfortunately the sleeves are not too good in hot weather due to the material.
Good luck.
Treakle xxxx