Lymphodema in the breast advice needed please

Hi Ladies
I have Lymphodema in the arm and breast, arm has decreased to 4% so ok, but my breast is still swollen/pink and quite lumpy with occasional pain , I go to the lymp clinic and they have given me massage advice etc with a foam insert to wear and breakdown the hard tissue but it seems to do nothing , Im getting scared it may ne something else, I have phoned my keyworker who is sending me an appointment for a check to coincide with my first mamo which was due 19th feb , but im worried has anyone else experienced this ?

Janice x

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Hiya Janice,I saw you on one of my threads so i just thought i’d say hello. I can’t really help you because i haven’t had the same experience but i just wanted to say that i hope everything goes ok for you. You are in good hands. Try not to worry… .



Hi Janice
I was originally diagnosed in Sept 08 and had WLE, Full axillary clearance ,Chemo, Radiotherapy. I developed Lymphoedema in the breast a month after treatment finished.
MyLymphatic drainage therapist ( who is based at a local hospice) ordered me a tight feeling corset thing! It cost the NHS around £120 and works a treat. I also do the kenisio taping…this also helps…
4 years on I still have the same problem but I think its more under control and I am able to accept it more!
Best of luck

Hi Janice
Sorry to hear you have lymphoedema. I cant give you much advise sorry as I have just been diagnosed with it myself. I have it in the chest wall area where I had my MX. My arm is not affected. My chest area hurts too, the pain comes and goes. My onc said you can get pain and nothing to worry about. But like you I am a bit concerned. I will mention when I have my annual mammogram/check up which is also in Feb so you are definitely doing the right thing by mentioning it too.
I have not been given massage techniques yet my appt feb, but the lymph’ema Doc has put me on a low dose antibiotic for a year as I have Cellultitis before and they can be related. One of the symptoms for Cellulitis is redness and pain.
Good luck xxx

Thanks for your replies ladies and Hello ( Wave ) to KB , I was getting panicky … Im sure its prob Lymphodema causing pain and lumps but we all know what this BC malarky does to the brain eh , paranoia and brain cells working overtime at every twinge , But I am going to get it checked out asap anyway I wont leave anything now , I found my lump so my mind goes into overdrive as soon as something feels/seems different maybe one day I will be able to relax ( sigh )

Good vibes to all

Janice x

Hope you manage to get it sorted soon Janice
Barb </hugs>

hi Janice,
I have a touch of trunkal lymphdema the nurse put tapes running from where my boob was down to my stomach ,and showed me how to massage the trunk and then to stimulate the collar bone lymph nodes to get them to work extra ,funny when i asked my husband to take a photo of me topless his face was a picture ,it was so the we could see how to do the tapes when they needed changing !! this with exercise ,swimming massage and creaming every day twice a day to keep the skin moist worked for me i no loger wear sleeve or my glove all day as it is all under control in fact my good arm is now bigger than my lympho arm .good luck and speak to your lymphodema nurse .