Lymphodema Hi, I had my lymph nodes removed three years ago. One year ago, my lymphodema developed in my left arm and it is now about c. 16% bigger than my right arm.

this started around the same time I started a new job so I was trying to hide it and get treatment at the same time, difficult!

I have had massage, bandagaging, and in Octover started wearing a compression sleeve daily. I think this was going fine until about a month ago, I had a crease in the sleeve and my arm has slightly increased again.

If I could get my left arm down to about 10% bigger than my right arm I would be so happy. I just found this blog recently and saw a Debbie, who was able to reduce hers from 18% to 7%, I was so thrilled and would love to know exactly what she did.

Can anybody give me advice?