Lymphoedema - for Joan and everyone else with lymphoedema

Dear Joan,
I have talked to you about lymphoedema before on this site and you gave me the idea of going to see Prof. Mortimer in London. Well, I had a private appt with him on Saturday and it was well worth it. I really liked him and he made some helpful suggestions for my lymphoedema. My husband was there with me and Prof. Mortimer explained all about lymphoedema from the beginning to both of us. We did know a lot of it already but it was very interesting to hear his perspective. I also feel a bit more motivated as I had completely stopped my exercises and hardly ever wore my sleeve but I came away full of resolve to try harder. I asked him whether there was really any point/benefit in wearing the sleeve and he said, ‘well, every minute you don’t wear it your arm is trying to swell’. Depressing but quite convincing!
Hope you are well and your lymphoedema is under control.
Best wishes,


So glad that you managed to see the guru (Prof Mortimer) of lymphoedema management. I too liked him immensely. I would encourage any other lymphoedema sufferers out there to try to get to see him, if only once for his advice.

My lymphoedema is behaving very well at the moment (touch wood). Although I didn’t think three and a half years on from mastectomy I would still be doing my arm exercises on a daily basis…!! I would encourage you to try and have regular mld treatment. Whilst my lymphoedema is currently under control I still have a mld treatment once a month. This seems to have worked for me. The only thing I am unhappy about is being on long-term antibiotics. Although, I have to admit I haven’t had a bout of cellulitis for over 18 months now. Saw my oncologist last week and tried to persuade her to let me come of the Penicillin V but she was adamant that I should stay on them long-term.

So glad to have been useful in my suggestion of seeing the Prof and hope that your resolve to stay motivated continues. I would be very interested to hear how you are doing so please keep in touch.

Take good care.