Lymphoedema in the breast

Hi I have just completed chemo - lumpectomy/RN biopsy - radiotherapy. Last of 19 RT sessions was mid-May 2015. Lymphoedema in my arm has been clearing up but my breast is still swollen and looks/feels like a lump of playdoh!  Had post RT burns under breast which resulted in skin loss and cellulitis but this has cleared up now. Just back wearing a bra again but can’t wear directly on skin as too fragile. Any suggestions to help reduce the lymphoedema in my breast as all info/excercises I can find relates to the arm?

Do you have  a lymphedema nurse taking care of you?  I have mild lymphedema in my affected arm for which my nurse gave me a massage routine to perform daily.  Recently I noticed that my post lumpectomy breast had swollen and when i talked to her about this, she incorporated further massage strokes in the general arm routine.  I have noticed a difference in just 4 days of doing this.



I had the first signs of lymphodema this past week.  My under arm started to swell.  I had 15 nodes removed during my mastecomy.  I tried to keep cool (it is 98 degrees here) and keep my arm up.  Apparently the lymphodema can strike at any time.  If it gets really bad you have to go to the hospital to have it drained.  I don’t even want to get near the hospital lol.

PS…I am from East Central Ontario, Canada