Lymphoedema Information Session

Lymphoedema Information Session – 21 March 2012, 12.30 – 16.00 The Salutation Hotel, Perth

Breast Cancer Care’s free information and support sessions cover a range of topics to help people move forward after breast cancer treatment. This session will focus on lymphoedema and our specialist speaker will discuss various ways of reducing the risk of lymphoedema and how to manage the condition if it does occur. The session will be very informal with plenty of time for people to meet, ask questions and share experiences. To find out more and book your place please contact us on: 0141 353 8330 or email:<script type=“text/javascript”>// <![CDATA[<br>
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Thanks Cackles for bumping this…

Can I ask someone to clarify if this is for people who have lymphoedema or is it also for those of us ‘at risk’? If the latter I’d definitely be interested but don’t want to take up a space if specifically the former.

Hello RevCat

The sessions are for anyone who feels that they may be at risk of lymphoedema as well as those who suffer from it. You would be most welcome at the session.

best wishes
June, moderator

Thanks June… I’ll check my diary and hopefully get myself booked in then.

Somewhere else on the bcc website there’s info on another lymphodema workshop/session in Edinburgh in May, just in case that’s handier for you Revcat.


Just BUMPing up in case anyone else is interested.