Lymphoedema - more panic - did anyone have a lymph fluid bio

Hi All

I posted earlier this week as I have just been diagnosed with breast lymphoedema over five years post surgery. I got very mild arm lymphoedema 3 years ago which is not too bad .

I was given an ultrasound of the affected breast and told there was no sign of cancer it was "just"lymphoedema!

I have been scrolling through older posts on this and I have read that one lady was given a biopsy of the lymph fluid when she developed it - I was never offered this either time and now I am really worried that I should have been - has anyone else been offered this? I dont know if it makes a diff but I had all my nodes out and was node negative??

Can anyone reassure me that you dont usually get offered one as I have just found myseld one more thing to worry about and its ruining Mothers Day.

Love to all

ALise x x

Hi Alise,
No, I’ve never heard of that. I have just started another thread on breast lymphoedema, which I’ve had since at least after radiotherapy in 2008. Everything you described sounded just like lymphoedema - not that it’s any fun. I had clear nodes too. But the problem in the breast itself has partly to do with the lymph pathways being affected by operation or radiotherapy. Have a good mother’s day and try to stop worrying about it!


I haven’t heard of biopsy either for this either. I presume you have a little bit of swelling which is why you’re worrying?

I would suggest that you contact your lymphodema nurse and get an appointment to see her.
If that’s not going to put your mind at rest then ring your breast care nurse to talk to her about it or the secretary of your oncologist or surgeon and get an appointment to see them. There’s no point sitting at home worrying.

take care, Elinda x

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