Lymphoedema & Reflexology

Does anyone know if there are any benefits to lymphoedema from reflexology. It seems to make sense to me but I know doctors do not believe in reflexology.

Hi Starfish

Reflexology? That involves the feet, doesn’t it? (I’ve not tried it myself).

If it does, it could be far enough from your arm not to cause problems, but still able to do some good. Might be worth a go!

Let us know how you get on.



reflexology is a combination of foot massage and gentle pressure with the thumb or fingers on pressure points on the feet. In theory organs and tissues in the body are connected to the reflex points in the feet. The application of pressure on these points promotes relaxation of the corresponding part of the body. Sometimes reflexology can be given to the hands although the effect is less noticeable. Reflexology in the healthcare setting is not used for diagnostic purposes.

Relflexology is offered at the clinic i attend to support and assist with relaxation and are well worth a try but i think it would be best to check with your consultant or breast care nurse before and massage is done on an area with Lymphoedema

rhian xxx