Lymphoedema - Strange Feelings?

I have over the past 2/3 weeks been getting strange feelings across the top of the my back. I have lymphoedema in right arm. Have also in the last couple of months started back at gym 3x a week going on the treadmill & cross trainer plus light (without weights) floor strength exercises and a series of stretching exercises. I also wear the sleeve whilst exercising. It now occurs to me is there a connection? It feels similar to just before the lymphoedema was dx in my arm. ie the lymph presumably moving about. Is this good or bad? Anyone any ideas. I also do the massage and arm exercises on a daily basis.

Hi Starfish

I don’t know the answer to your question; perhaps it would be an idea to have shorter gym sessions and see if anything changes?

Hoping this ‘bump’ might get you some other replies, too. Any gym experts out there?