MacMillan Nurses.


Has anyone been given a Macmillan nurse to visit at home? Have you any idea what their role is? How often they will come etc?

Mine comes in a few days after an extended stay after Brain Rads.


Treakle, my macmillan nurse is an angel without wings. They are there to support you and help you get answers to any questions you have. They will work with you and see how often you need to see them . They do not do actual nursing but are there for your welfare etc. Hope this helps…love Jacqui

I agree with the angel bit and as already said they will help with everything and also with any benefits you may need. I certainly didn’t know that there was some monetary help in the form of ‘disability living allowance’ as I work - but my nurse said she would arrange for the Dr to sign the forms etc so there is minimal amount for me to do. Also she makes sure that your family can chat to her about their concerns which is very helpful for them to have someone to call upon

As already said they do not do the nursing but make sure that the drs and nurses are there when you need them plus any medications.

Hope this helps and good luck

My Macmillan nurse visits me regularly at home. She is such a help as she can give practical advice on surviving day to day as well as sort out symptom controls and suggest alternatives to the tablets I’m on to give me a better quality of life. She has also got us grants for things I need - like a mattress!!
I find her really useful to vent my feelings out on as well and they have been very helpful to my young children and husband.
I hope you get on well with yours - I couldn’t cope without mine.


Thanks for all your info. Sorry have not been here much seems I am back on the treadmill of hospital visits.
Love Treakle,

Hi Treakle

Glad to see you are back… I know what you mean with the treadmill of hospital visits, I am also back on that treadmill…

Love Wisdens