Mad Cap Ideas

Hi all,


To motivate & have a focus am trying to come up with fun ideas that can be simply implemented as & when I feel able. Looking forward to some other dreamers out there posting theirs - so my brain can just pinch & not work too hard!!!


Am no adrenaline junky - but having seen a lady who had lost an amazing amount of weight whizz down a zip wire *to help her let go of her negative thoughts* my brain said - oh yes… lets try that !


Last year prior to my diagnosis I had already started writing a list of *to do’s* having reached a certain year, but this was hijacked a little  - so time to refocus & add to again. Some from that list were:-


Ride the cable cars over the Thames


Have a go at glass blowing in Sunderland - that will need a bit more planning !


Commence a long distance walk - been talking about it for many years now… time to get walking


Please share yours - lets dream & encourage together x x



Hi Lexilou,
I’m no adrenaline junkie either but I did once ride the cable cars over the Thames (pre-dx). At the end of it I saw people being harnessed up to walk over the roof of the O2, and thought “I’d never do that”, but now, 1 year 9 months post-dx, I’m planning on climbing over it in the summer (there, I’ve said it, I’ve got to do it now!)
What I find more exciting is that I’ve just gone back to college to do a 3 year part-time diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition - an interest that has directly come from my cancer “experience”. I hope that one day I’ll be able to help other people with cancer. Scary and risky to plan ahead, but it feels so exciting and life affirming.
Good luck realising your dreams!

Hi Fimbo… good to hear from someone who has been in the cable cars… could also be tempted to harbess up over the O2 - nice post :smiley: thx for inspiration and good luck with your diploma x x

Loved the cable cars, caught the ride as daylight was fading, beautiful. (Sadly i did too much that day and bodily hurt… but would not trade the views) x x
Apparently can book an abseil down the Orbit… that has been added to my list now:-D



I didn’t know you could abseil down the orbit, must do it!


So far I have climbed the O2 and done a tandem parachute jump, both were fantastic and I recommend to anyone if you’re thinking about it.


I am also doing a balloon flight in the summer.


I have seen that there is the longest zip ride in europe in wales somewhere which I quite fancy too.


I’ve also done tricks with dolphins and parasending on holiday.



Mama Mia last night… was transported off into another world. Thx to the cadt of the Novello Theatre x x and my mates x x