Made the decision for no more treatment

Hi Carolyn, thanks for the message. Shingles have largely dried up now so seem to be over the worst. Feeling tired still & having problems with double vision & headache last few days, not sure if it’s shingles related or to do with the tumour in my eye socket. If it’s not one thing it’s another but trying to soldier on. Hope you are doing ok,
Smartie x

Hello smartie
Just dipping in to say hello and hope you are feeling a bit better. No sunshine today but it might just pop through later.
Carolyn xxx

Hi Smartie

They gave my mum amytriptyline but said it can take up to two weeks to start working. They probably already told you, but worth bearing in mind if you don’t get immediate relief. Xx

Hi Smartie, wearing sunglasses to watch tv and for the computer/iphone etc is good advice as the blue light emitted from all of these does damage the back of the eye and can cause headaches. Hope you feel better soon,


love Moijanxx

Hi Smartie

I don’t know if you are aware but I have MS and I have been taking Amytriptyline for years now for muscular spasms which I used to get at night also to help with sleep if it is taken 1 hour before bed. I now take 2 x 10gm it really does help.

I am glad your shingles have started to heal nothing worse than having something else to irritate you. 


I do hope Amytriptyline works for you Love and ((((hugs))))  xxx

Hiya smartie
Glad u slept well …the doctor prescribed amitriptyline last year …phew I couldn’t wake up properly till lunchtime and felt like a zombie …but they obviously work well for you and marirose !!
Better than fidgeting all night long !
Carolyn xxx

ly to hear from you Smartie…glad the shingles are better but sorry to hear your other news. Try the glasses and anything else which you feel maight help. Glad the tablets are giving you some relief from sleepless nights. xx