Magnetic bracelet for joint pain?

A friend ( a sensible one!) has told me about 2 people she knows with chronic joint pain who have found magnetic bracelets really effective.

I am by nature somewhat sceptical of these sort of claims especially when they are expensive (about£100 I understand)- but since ARIMIDEX the pain in my arthritic shoulders has been a lot worse.

Has anyone had any experience of these bracelets?

Not bracelet’s exactly but our dog has a magnetic collar for his joint pain. When we go away we put both our dogs in the kennels and they told us of other dogs who had benefited. Oscar has had his a couple of weeks and is jumping up on the sofa like never before.
Love Debsxxx

hi Debs,
I would love to hear more about these collars, my 8 year old German Shepherd has severe hip dysplasia in both hips and arthritis in his spine, he takes painkillers and steroids daily, but sometimes is very very stiff, if these collars do really make a difference I’d get him one,


Don’t you just love this forum. We start with one thing and it develops into something else!
Give it a go you can buy them from market stalls and pet shops.£15
Love Debsxxx

My Dad used to sell magnetic bracelets and swore by them. Not cheap, but they are the ones that are also used for animals. Dogs and horses seem to benefit greatly from them and it can’t be in the mind for them can it?

If anyone wants the name of the company, send me a pm.

Hi there
I bought one for my wrist a few years ago when I had shoulder pain. I wore it for several months until eventually the pain went and has not come back. I don’t know if it was because of the bracelet but I do believe they do improve blood circulation. When I first put it on I could feel a tingling pins and needles sensation in my fingers.
Good luck- I got mine for about £40 ish.
Sallyann X

Hi all,
I have just found something in the NICE guidelines regarding magnetic devices in the treatment of menopausal symptoms. I stumbled across it whilst looking up the management of bone density .

It says “soy (isoflavine), red clover, black cohosh, vitamin E and magnetic devices are not recommended for the treatment of menopausal symptoms in women with breast cancer”.

This is from the NICE guidelines for Early and advanced breast cancer: diagnosis and treatment.

Hope this is helpful.

ive been wearing a torque bracelet for my joint pain, which does seem to help a bit. and i take cod liver oil as well, since starting Tamox (April this year). My onc said it is fine for cod liver oil.

I posted the link re the nice guidelines on the lady care magnet thread. They don’t recommend the use of magnets.

Does the NICE guidelines say why they dont recommend the use of magnets? I use to wear one before being diagnosed with BC last year but stopped wearing it as it wasnt doing any good for my joint pains, plus people get asking me what’s the time as they thought it was a watch lol.

Nice just issues the guidelines, they don’t go into why they don’t recommend, I assume it’s because magnets (bipolar as well as north and south polar ones) promote cell growth. I wouldn’t be happy using one in case it activates the wrong sort of cells! That’s why they don’t recommend them during pregnancy either.