Mainly good news for a change

Hi Everyone

Just thought I would let you know I saw the onc and had my bone scan an xray results. The good news it was clear of cancer, the bad news they have found arthritis of the spine, but I am being referred to the local hospital so I am in good hands.

The other good news is that the onc only took one look at me and took me off Tamoxifen immediately and I am now on Arimidex and feel so much better, so things are looking up.

I am hoping to have a really good Christmas with my ever supportive husband and would like to wish you all a very peaceful Christmas.

Kind Regards


So glad to hear your good news. I have been on Arimiex since May and it is much better than Tamoxifen - very much milder hot flushes and the odd aching muscles. Sorry about the arthritis but it seems to be almost inevitable with age!
Enjoy Christmas and very best wishes for 2008.