Making a complaint about your result

Hello to all

I’ve been reading lately about a number of poor results with reconstruction and I would like to know if anyone has ever taken an official complaint anywhere on this. Or even pursued litigation.

It seems to me that we are all so busy being grateful for anything that we overlook that certain standards may be set and may be getting “missed”.

Anyone any thoughts or experience in this at all?

Hi Regina, I don’t - yet - have any experience of making a complaint - and certainly it is not my intention to make a complaint - I am just relieved that the tumours have been removed as well as living in hope that it will not return/spread - but I am having trouble at the moment knowing how, whether, and when, I should raise some concerns that I do have about my reconstuction. I think I am philosophical enough to know that it was never going to be a replica of my breast beforehand - in look or in feel - but I am experiencing some pain which, as much as I know I should be pleased that the tumours have been removed, (and I am), I would like to be addressed. After all, there is every possibility that the cancer will returnspread anyway so I shouldn’t have to just be grateful that the tumours have been removed, and, therefore, put up with discomfort indefinitely if something could be done about it.

Are you intending to make a complaint yourself?


hi regina,

i agree i think we all look for other things and are so grateful we dont think to complain however i worry for the next person who has my surgeon. in mid feb i had a double mastectomy with immediate recon while in op the surgeon accidentally cut a major vessel causing me to be minutes away from death, 2 weeks later i had an emergency op to remove 2 massive abcess’s resulting in big chunks of my new breasts being cut out. i have had at least 15 courses of antibiotics for a staph infection thats going nowhere. to date 1 have 1 b cup breast and 1 d cup, i skin sparing nipple and nothing on the other breast and 5 months on i have to consider grafting as the skin from where they cut the abcess’s out has not returned???.. im a 32yr old mum trying to keep it together and i am grateful i am such a strong person however i have really really bad off days and when they take hold i feel awful. so much bad care happened in hospital also for instance i was left for over an hour with no dressings on my breasts after the ward round and when i said i felt uncomfortable and scared of infections i was told there was 27 other patients on the ward therefore they couldnt drop everything for me. that sent me into tears and i called my husband crying. they have said sorry verbally from the surgeon to the ward sister but sorry seems irrelevant when im like this…xx

I’m the same age as you and I had my reconstruction 6 weeks ago I also feel mistreated. In some ways i’m grateful to be here and I got the all clear from cancer so my head is telling me to get better and move on with my life but my heart is like you, why should doctors consultants, ward staff, get a way with mistreating people. Mines along story. After five years of running to consultants I was diagnosed with pagets diease and dcis in feb, My nipple started to weep and bleed I was constantly told it was nothing by last summer my nipple was gone and a patch of scab was in its place a female consultant saw me and told me to go away and put e45 cream on it. Upset I didnt go back However I was really sick and a nurse in my local surgery pushed them to give me another apointment. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was booked in for day surgery to get the dieased bit away, The local hospital does not have a ward just for breast cancer so you have to go under general surgery. on the day of the operation I phoned the ward who told me their was no beds I was so upset my sister inlaw phoned them and had an argument with the ward manager, when i finally went in the staff were horrible I was constantly told i’d have to leave early as he needed my bed. I was left with out any dinner. It was just so wrong. Any how a few days after the op my results came back and the cancer had spread to far to save my breast. so I had to go back to hospital same ward. Any how I went for my myscectomy and reconsruction. I didnt feel right after, you know yourself when some things wrong.I kept saying my stomach was sore only on the right side the ward doctors wouldnt touch me as my plastic suren was fussy they treated me like I was putting it on they kept telling me to walk and eat dispite being pysicaly sick. Any how my pastic surgen went away for two days and none of his team came near me by now my temps were spiking 40 then my wound burst open with an infection. I was took back to surgery and fitted with a vac healing machine which i am still wearing. I lost my job as I had no contract and I’m not mobile. Ive also been on antibiotics and I had several blood tranfusions. In the hospital I coudnt wash myself and I was often left for a couple of days without a wash. I belive I was treated with neglect on many different levels but were do we go Im still being treated by my plastic surgen ? Like you I dont know were to go. I hope we can help each other. Take care xxxx

cornelia that is so sad i must admit i shed a few tears reading it.the problem is i was so grateful to be alive after the op and thought seen as that was the case i was going to deal with things and try and move on but what angers me is they are still making mistakes to this day. its as though they dont learn from them. we have been through a terrible ordeal ( no-one wants to lose there breats) then its made worse somehow. i generally feel i havent accepted i have lost my breasts as for the last 5 months i have just been ill. i think treatment like this is awful and where i prob wouldnt sue the nhs i will def raise a complaint. 1 sister said recently " i know we messed up big time when you were in and got it wrong but hopefully we can try to get it right this time"???
i didnt have cancer thank goodness i removed my breasts as i carry the faulty brca2 gene and watched too many in the family have cancer. that is also strange as for 2 years i dont with this ok. yes i had some bad days but was generally ok now since this has went wrong i feel i have went about 10 steps back.

you must be feeling really angry and have evert right to. no-one should be treated that way.we do know when something is wrong as its our bodies and we know them best just like when i constantly told them i felt ill and dizzy and they told me to have a slepp which i done anyway when i woke up i told them i was still the same and they suggested i walk upto the nurses station as perhaps i needed a walk??? anyway i did and passed out in the corridor and woke up with them all around me bringing me round again. it turned out to be the start of this infection i still have…

i hope we can help each other too. where are you from? im just outside glasgow xx


This is appalling, really unforgiveable in every way.

Please, please, please get in touch with Pals or go to the NHS website and follow the complaints process. Get someone to help you if necessary from The Patients’ Association. You have been treated disgracefully and neglectfully. There are guidelines to be followed by the medical profession, they owe us all “a duty of care” and if that is breached then they are breaking the law - simple.

Please follow up and keep us posted.