making a new nipple

 I have had are mastectomy and reconstruction last September. I do not like my reconstruction as far as i am concerned its a lump of muscle from my back., its a good imitation I t also gives me a lot of discomfort. I am wondering when they make a new nipple does it invove any pain,? or does it have any other problems?. The way I am feeling at the moment i could nt stand any more, unless its actually going to save my life…Can you change your mind later? Are there any disadvantages  in not having a nipple.??

Hi bella
I had a nipple reconstructed on 2012. The PS made it using skin from my back ( I think!!!) Then the BCN tattooed on the areola a few months later. Cosmetically it does the job, good symmetry with bra and something to take the eye away from the hideous scarring. There was no pain and no complications at all. They tend to make the nipples large as they can shrink to literally a bump in some cases. The nipple is there but like the rest of the recon, it sits and does nothing!! I would say that you can change your mind at any time and the only real disadvantage of not having a nipple ( in my view) is that you are looking at a blank canvass each day ?

Hi Bella, I had bilateral mx & recon in January. Although still in some discomfort with my back I am pretty pleased with the reconstruction boob-wise, but like you don’t relish the though of extra surgery unless necessary. To be honest, I don’t really notice my lack of nipples and at the moment am definitely on the “can’t be bothered” side of the fence. I’m not sure really what purpose they would serve & given that most of the time us women try and cover them up anyway I think I’ll stay as I am!

I had mine a few months after Mx and LD flap - it was made from the breast skin (back skin) sort of like origami!  - it was huge at first but is now very flat (1 year on), it looks fine and does “finish” the breast off. I was offered the tattooing around it but one side of the scar didn’t heal well so cancelled that appt and just doing without. I would be too scared that a silicone would come off at work (I work with teenagers)! It was done under a general and was not sore, I got lipo done at the same time, my surgeon said that he could do more lipo on the nipple to plump it up at bit but at the moment that is too much hassle - the nipple op was not sore at all but the lipo operations are sore. Hope this helps

K M x