after being recalled i went yesterday .nurse said lump in right breast.had scan and was told 95 per cent sure it is a benign fibroademoma.had needle put in got go back next week .has anyone had the same

Sorry, i can’t help. Bumping this for you/

Hi shortbread,

Am sure the nurse is right, I have had two benign fibroidamomas, the last 20 years ago and, according to my surgeon, these were totally unconnected to my current breast cancer.

Had both of them surgically removed - interesting scars but no long lasting problems.

Good luck with your results.

Jazees granny.

I had a fibroadenoma 15 years ago, and it is a benign condition. Although i got bc later it was in the other breast! The one with the fibroadenoma is absolutley fine!

Mo x

Im the same-had a lump in left breast in 2001 which was fibrodenoma and my BC was in other breast!
Best of luck for the results