Mammagrams Hi, i am now due for my 12 month mammagram, and am a little worried as to wether i will have to have one on my sore boob. I had a lumpectomy 12 months back and still feel the pain from it, also i get shooting pains in my arm, from elbow down, comes and goes. I was wondering if they would give me a mammagram or they would scan the sore boob, anyone no.

Thanks Karen

just had my 1st Hi Karen
I have just had my 1st mammogram since my lumpectomy , I finished radio. 21st December 2005 so it has been just over 12 months, and yes they do take the mammogram on the sore boob, if it is the one you had the cancer in. It was sightly uncomfortable but over quickly. They dont touch the other one till next year. It was a bit weird having a mammogram on one boob and having the other one just hanging there. But dont worry it is over with quite quickly so good luck.
take care

both breasts hi karen
i had my first mammogram in sept, one year post diagnosis
they did both breasts, was painful but over very quickly
i was very anxious as still had a lot of breast pain and tenderness over my lumpectomy scar, which i still have today unfortunately
thankfully mammogram just showed scar tissue so was well worth it in the end
anyway good luck with your mammogram

just had mine hi karen, i had mine yesterday and was really nervous as my boob is still sore, but honestly it was nothing to worry about at all! slightly sore bur mostly uncomfortable and it was over in seconds, had both done. its just the waiting for the results again that i dont like. gonna phone up next week. you will be fine. i took some painkillers an hour before i went.
hard to believe thats a year gone by, is’nt it.
take care.
love annie x

timing of mammogram Hi

I finished treatment 31 Oct 06. Had my first 3 month check up and was asked how long since my last mammogram, which was 28 Jan 06. I am now booked in for another one on 6.3.07. It seems a little strange to me, because of course, I have had MRI and CTs last year. I am now wondering whether there has been a miscommunication. Can anyone help? Should the mammogram be a year since the last one or a year since treatment finished?