mammo results

mammo results

mammo results Hi everyone,


My mammogram was today (1 year since diagnosis) and I was estatic to be given the results within 5 minutes, all clear.

I was trying to explain to my hubby how it felt. And to sum it up…

like I have been given a ticket to another year of life.

Now I hope to locate my motivation and enthusiasm that I had before all this and start planning my life again.

Thank you for your support over the last year. It’s been a Godsend.


fab fab fab Hi Sonya,
Very happy for you, hope you can celebrate with some champagne and people who care about you.

Have fun


fantastic news live life to its fullest


Great News So pleased to hear your good news Sonya…i hope you are out celebrating tonight :-))

take care


Yey! Hi Sonya,

That’s brill news, so very pleased for you. I have my first mammo on 6th February and am hoping I have good news too.

Like you I am impatient to do so may things and see so many places-know what you mean about work getting in the way but being a necessary evil!

Hope you celebrate and have a fantastic weekend,

Take care,

Nicky x

Great News… …Nicky, i got my results yesterday and there was no change from last year…so another sigh of relief.!!

have a good weekend now

karen x

PHEW _ Great news! Just wrote my other post before I saw this one - such great news Sonya. A xx