Mammogram after partial reconstruction

Hello ladies

This Friday I am going for my 2nd post mx mammogram.
Since last years mammogram I have had an LD recon without implant and am awaiting fat transference procedures.
The recon breast until I have these procedures is not yet complete can anyone tell me if they will scan
that breast as well as my healthy one. I really couldn’t see how they could as the breast at the moment is so small. I had the recon 6 months ago.

Jude xx

I had an LD flap + implant recon at the same time as my mx. Mine wasn’t mammogrammed at my first post dx check - I think that because it’s muscle and not breast tissue, there’s no point in scanning it.


hi, I have had two mammos now on my reconn breast.I was given an explanation that although not breast tissue, micro calcs can still form on the muscle so having a mammo will detect if these are growing. Must say Ithough it would be painful, but it wasnt ,just the same as my floppy boob.

take care x

I had both sides mamogramm and us even after mastectomy. Doctors checked up muscle as well.