Have my 2nd mammogram at the end of next week and am very anxious that the results may not be clear this time.  My husband is and has been supportvie throughout the journey so far, but, do not feel he completely understand my concerns over this next scan.  Do not find it easy to explain how I feel and when someone asks how I feel say I am ok because other people who have not gone through Breast Cancer do not always understand.  An ex work colleague suggested that I register with the forum and I wondered why I had not done it before.  Hope someone from the forum may have experienced this and can give me some support at this anxious time.

Hi LIttleted and welcome to the BCC forums
In addition to the support and shared experiences you will soon have here please feel free to call our helpliners on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays and our team are here with a listening ear for you
Take care
Lucy BCC

A warm welcome to the forum LittleTed , meeting in better circumstances would have been nice. I’m sure someone will be along soon to help and I know everyone here will definitely support you as much as they can.x

Littleted - even 10 years on, I get anxious about repeat mammograms/reviews. Weeks before the event, I check myself obsessively and can usually convince myself that there is something there/ something has changed. This translates into blind panic when the prophet of doom (aka the  breast radiologist) finds something she needs to check further ( this has happened to me 5-6 times) because, as she is so fond of telling me,’ I can’t take a risk with you…’ I think it is the nature of the beast and I’m not sure many of us are completely relaxed around check -ups - it evokes too many strong and unpleasant memories. I know I felt worse about my second one than I did the first. Unless someone has lived it, they will never understand.


 I’m not going to patronise and say ‘I’m sure everything will be fine’ , because we just don’t know until the results are in, we can only cross our fingers and take a deep breath.Then ,personally, I have a very large glass of wine.

Hi Littleted


 In January I will have my first mammogram since treatment,  and already the collywobbles are setting in. I’m also stressing about my oncology appointment next month (4 months after starting Anastrazole) as I have terrible itching, and I’m hoping she can sort that  out without stopping  or changing the tablets.


We’ll be thinking of you at the end of the week, and keeping our fingers crossed that all will be ok - I’m sure it will be.


Sending hugs and best wishes


poemsgalore xx