Mammogram results in 10 days.

Hi, I had my first routine mammogram on the 6th January, it was uncomfortable but can’t say it was painful. When the tests were done, the nurse said I would have my results within 2/3 weeks. I assumed that if anthing was wrong they would be in touch sooner than that. My friend had her mammogram and didnt get her letter for just over 3 weeks. She was fine. Anyway, today the 16th I got my letter. I had been worried and obsessed since the test and was convinced since it was only 10 days ago, that the news was bad. Thank goodness it wasn’t, I am relieved. Just wanted to say if you get your results early, it doesnt necessarily mean anything is wrong. 

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I am sorry you went through this anxious time but thank you for sharing your encouragement and support to other users. I am sure some of them will be along soon to share their own experiences. 

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Hi, thats good news. I am still waiting for my results letter from my mammogram which was 3 weeks ago, they also said it would take 2/3 wks I have been waiting for the post every day its drivng me mad.

I know I will be the same Val when I go for my first mammogram post treatment and every year after that .After the last letter I received sent my world into tail spin ,I am not looking forward to the anxious waiting .If it has been 3 weeks is it worth following up with the Breast clinic just in case the letter has gone astray ?