Mammogram results


I had a mammogram that showed 2 white spots in the breast that was causing concern. When the consultant saw them she said the radiologist would probably recall me (something she said several times and was in her last sentence to me!)

After 4 weeks I’d heard nothing and having made several phone calls finally spoke to breast nurse who got my results and read out there were 2 tiny benign tumours. The letter that followed didn’t mention them - just said mammogram was clear?

I had a follow up appointment 4 months later and when questioned the consultant said that a team of radiologists would have checked and must all agree.

My problem is that I didn’t think a diagnosis of benign or not could be made without a biopsy and I don’t know if I should still be worried. I don’t feel completely reassured.

Oh I forgot to say I had an Ultrasound at original appointment and I cannot feel a lump (or 2)

I have phoned my GP who seems happy - but without wishing to sound too dramatic its not her breast or her life.

Reading the forums most seem to have a diagnosis which I would think helps to put minds at rest.

Thanks Sandra

Hi there

I must admit this is a difficult one, my breast clinic was amazing and have said that some lumps are easily seen on a mammogram if they are a cyst. I have three friends who have had lumps but were told after mammogram that there lumps were cysts and antibiotics were needed etc. And low and behold they were correct. All of there lumps have dispersed. There is no point doing a core biopsy if they can see clearly its a cyst rather than a suspicious lump. Infact the week that I had my core and fna, every other lady who was going for an appointment that week didnt need a core or fna as the doctors felt they didnt need one as they could see for sure it was nothing. (I felt pretty upset as I was the only one who needed one that week) Then was told my lump was inconclusive in the results and that I needed surgery it was a rough time.

But saying that mistakes can be made. I have heard of ladies being told on this site, that there core biopies and fnas, and thats when they have had more than one! results have come back benign too and then when they have been opened up they have actually been found to have had cancer. This is what scared me the most.

There are a few ladies on here who I know that happened too. THey were having the lump taken out routinely and the doctors said no its nothing we are certain its nothing, and then they have been so shocked when they have been opened up and there has been cancer.

I was told at the breast clinic that even core biopsies and fnas can be wrong and are not 100 per cent accurate, (its down to the persons ability taking the sample, they could get the wrong spot when doing them). I read far too much up about them on the internet and even found out statistics and that in some cases cancer can be found even when it has appeared to have been benign. That was why I ended up on vallium because to be honest after hearing these stories I convinced myself it was going to be cancer when I was opened up, as was almost shocked when they said nope its fine! Took a good few days to take the news in I can tell you.

Hi Sandra
I would suggest that if you feel unhappy you should ask again until you are satisfied.GP’s are not expert in defining what is cancer or what is not.It is,as you say your life, so make a stand.The doubt is in your mind as the BC nurse has said they are benign but other results suggest you need to know one way or the other. 9 out of 10 are benign so I hope it works out for you.

Take Care and let us know


Hi Sandra
Maryfrod is right. I suppose all GPs and hospitals have different ways of dealing with us. All I can say is when I first went to my GP with my lump, I asked if it felt OK. He said he was unable to tell and that he referred almost all lumps to the breast clinic. ( He admits GPs are jack of all trades, master of none) I had my appointment in two weeks and was given a mammogram and an ultrasound. I then asked that doctor if it looked OK and he said you can’t be sure without a core biopsy. They did a small needle insertion which I was told would give an indication within an hour and a core biopsy which would take a week for the results! Within the hour I saw a 2nd doctor who said the small needle sample indicated benign but they wouldn’t know for sure till the core biopsy came back. After a hellish week I was told its benign but they still want to take it out for a further biopsy which I’m waiting for now. But my confidence has grown due to how efficient the breast clinic has been and no one seems to have offered me any guess work!
I’d go back and ask for the full works, think of it as an MOT because it’s just not worth the worry!

Take care
Chrissie xx
PS It would seem that at my hospital the procedure I went through is the norm.

Hi Sandra

I was not sure as to wither i should post this or not.

I was recalled back due to a mammogram, after having more mammograms taken i was told that something had shown up, they decided to do an ultrasound and doctors poking and prodding was told it was nothing to be concerned about, i was so relieved i put it out of my mind.

3 yrs later, when due my next mammo i was again recalled back, same breast , same area, resulting in being told i had a lump in my breast which had spread to my lymph nodes.

Now some might say that it was a coincidence !!! i am not convinced, i feel now that they should have taken a core biopsy. So if you have any doubt PUSH until you are satisfied.

Take care

Mary xxx

Maryj, I am so angry and upset that this has happened to you, you put your trust in these people and then this happens, I hope you manage to recover from this

I see you have not been back Sandra are you ok?

If you are still worried go back and see your gp. Mistakes can be made as the Maryj has sadly told us. Unfortunately doctors are only human, and at the end of the day the only way cancer can be 100 hundred per cent ruled out is by taking the lump out and looking at it in its entirety (spelling)?

When I was told mine had to come out I was like are you sure blah blah, I wanted to be told it could be left, but after doing what i do best (or worst) lol as my doctor would say, I read up about how nothing can certain until its out, you should see how many core biospy sites I went on looking for stats on how accurate they were after hearing the tales from the women on this site having mistakes made which scared me! So I guess what I am saying is if they had left it in, I would have not been happy and in the end I had a good outcome (even though a sore boob still)!!

as one woman who had all the tests and then found out when the lump was removed that I did actually have cancer, I now know the risks the tests are wrong. It is estimated at 4 in a 1000. That means that if 44,000 women are diagnosed a year (current stats) in the UK, 4 times 44 will have been misdiagnosed. Which is 176 women a year. If all those women live for many years after, they will maybe come on websites and appear to be huge numbers. When they are only 176 a year.

I would think the most likely people to be misdiagnosed are the people with the least looking abnormal cells which are the slowest growing kinds of cancer. Not that I thought that when I was diagnosed of course, I thought I’d kick the bucket immediately. I found my lump five years ago (almost exactly as I found it on 14 June 2003)

I still wish I hadn’t found it of course, and as soon as I did, I wanted rid, whether it was benign or not.