Hi I had a mastectomy in 2001 and in 2013 was diagnosed witha recurrence which than became spread to brain, spine and liver. I have regular Ct scans of Thorax to Abdomen do I still need a mammogram:smileyfrustrated:

Yes you do I did as its breast tissue and ct no good xxx

Glad this thread has come up. I’ve just finished 6 cycles of ec chemo and had a ct scan on 30/10/16 to see if my tumour has shrunk. Thank god it has. I have yearly mammograms but thought I wouldn’t need one on the 21/12/16 because of my ct scan results recently. Phoned my bc nurse today and she said I still needed to have it. If anybody can shed any light on why so close to having a ct scan. Thought I could get away without an hospital appointment for 3 months. Thank you.

I still see my breast surgeon every 6 months. He comes to a more local hospital and he’s nice to talk to. He has just ordered a mammogram. I haven’t had a CT scan for over a year, just bone scans and MRI on my head. Sometimes wonder if I should have a CT scan but getting plenty of radiation.

B x

Think I’m just worry now that somthing will show up on the mammorgan. Differnt people say anything in the breast won’t show up on a ct scan but others say it will.

When I got a letter for my mammogram earlier this year I asked my onc if I needed to go and she said I don’t need to as I’m having 3 monthly CTs.
Janette xx

I was told the same Janette xx

Thank you ladies. I’m due my mammogramm late December and have another ct scan booked in for the beginning of February I will also see the oncologist. I might cancel the mammogram until I see the oncologist. Xxx

I’ve recently been diagnosed with bone mets and mets in ovaries, I was told by my bcn that I don’t need mammograms or to go to breast clinic now, just oncologist! 

She said scans would show anything up in breast. It all gets very confusing when everyone isn’t told the same thing! I have to say after 11 years of regular breast clinic appointments and annual mammograms it does feel strange to be “off their books!”