Managing early menopause without HRT

Managing early menopause without HRT

Managing early menopause without HRT I’m 42 years old and had treatment for breast cancer in 2002 and was then put on tamoxifen in early 2003. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer just over a week ago and I am due to have my ovaries removed in mid January, as part of treatment for that. It seems likely that my endometrial cancer has been caused by tamoxifen, but please note that this is *extremely* rare (my oncologist said something like a 1 in 25,000 risk); just remember that it is important to get any unusual bleeding checked out as soon as possible.

Obviously it’s frightening to have another cancer to deal with but what is really bothering me at the moment (maybe because it’s an easier thing to focus on) is having an early menopause and dealing with the effects of it without recourse to HRT and maybe even without plant oestrogens as my breast cancer was highly oestrogen and progesterone sensitive. I’m feeling very well physically at the moment and can’t shake off the feeling that these are going to be my last 4 weeks ever of feeling OK.

Just wondering if anybody could give me any advice or encouragement?

Thanks in advance


Shena you may find, as I did, that menopause is very little trouble. I came to the conclusion that M was over-hyped as cover for chaps male M probs!
Watch out for achey joints and take Glucosamine if/when they occur. Your doc might prescribe something helpful. I have Celebrex- now used less because of perhaps heart probs but which I find well worth small risk and best of all for osteo arthritis, pretty safe at 100mg.
Don’t cross your bridges etc- you may sail through [as I did] and even if you do have probs they are temporary. Best wishes for an easy tranfer, dilly

Factsheet Hi Shena

I am sorry about your recent diagnosis, I am sure you will receive lots advice and support from other users on the forums.

I have given you a link to a factsheet on Breast Cancer and Menopause that you may find of interest.

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Agree with Dilly. Not everyone has a difficult menopause. I sailed through mine, with scarcely a hot flush and never a sweat.

Good luck!


hi shena I am 38 and have zoladex injections to shut down my ovaries as my cancer was hormonal and 6 months down the line it was not that bad.I was expecting it to be awful and dont get me wrong I do still get symptoms but if this is what it takes to keep cancer away then its worth it.I had lots of flushes night and day for about 3 weeks but was told they should ease off and they have I probably get one or two a month now and it only lasts a second,I did get a few stomach pains too but thats stopped now .I feel a little achy sometimes and a bit tired but its not too much to deal with, so dont worry and take each day as it comes.hope this helps. debbi x