Manchester and Cheshire

Hi ladies

I hope you have had a good sleep and things getting easier day by day!

I was wondering whether there are any ladies on here from Manchester or Cheshire area?

All you ladies are brilliant and I feel you are so supportive including myself but this is just to see what’s available in the area,

I’m in stockport. Newly diagnosed so not really sure what’s what yet!

Hi Cathysid
Im near you, too from Stockport
I was diagnosed in July, had lumpectomy and now waiting for further treatment.
How are you finding yourself?xx

Hi CK,
Might bump into you having chemo if you are signed up for a course of treatment. I start next week initially in the Christie but then laurel suite once there is room. In and out for test after test at the moment but finding the staff lovely so far and no complaints.

I’m getting treated at Macclesfied for chemo. Seeing the nurse on Weds.xx
Glad you feel looked after! The team are brilliant at Macclesfield but will need to go to Christies for radiotherapy further down the road.
I’m hoping to go to Maggie’s at some stage too! Have you been there?x