Manuka honey

Dear all,

Does anyone here have Manuka honey?

I know it is very good for wound healing,I have now heard that it is supposed to be very good at boosting the immune system if eaten.

I have seen many different labels such as 5+, 10 + , which I guess is the strength. I have also heard that you can get so-called manuka honey but it has been mixed with another honey.

Does anyone here have it? If so, what is the best one to buy, and is it something you take every day?


I made sure I had a spoonful of 15+ manuka honey through each of my surgeries & post op recovery times. Not sure if it made any difference but very enjoyable! I generally got mine from health food shop - it is expensive, but I’ve also used it on burns (no broken skin) with very good effect. Its certainly got something in it!

Hi happyshopper,

If this honey was such a ‘super healer’, then why hasn’t some drug company snapped it up and made a fortune out of the drug? By all means use this honey if you like the taste but also respect your bank balance when they charge five times the cost of ‘normal’ honey.

I wish you the best of healh,

Hi Happyshopper,
Manuka honey does indeed have healing properties and can be eaten or put onto wounds directly. I used to work in a health shop and an elderly gentleman told me that after years of trying unsuccessfully to get rid of a leg ulcer, he managed to do so using M.honey.
Like Meggy says use anything upward 15+. If you eat it avoid adding to boiling food or liquid.
good luck

Cos drug companies can’t patent natural products/foods - so theres not enough cash to be made and not worth their spending money on research! There are loads of natural things that work better than synthetic ‘medicines’ - without the side effects. Manuka honey is expensive, though sainsburys do some for about 6.99 I think, but it’s delicious and great for soothing sore throats / colds - can well believe it’s antibacterial, though I’ve never tried it on a skin wound.

My mum swears by manuka honey and both my dad and myself took 1 teaspoon 3 times a day before surgery and the hospital my dad was in were using it for wounds I cant say if it works but I had skin saving mx and both breast reconstructed using diep method and my consultant was amazed my bruising was at the yellow stage 3 days after surgery it might just be me but who knows Im still taking it now 2 weeks post surgery and all my bruising nearly gone always buy it from holland and barrett when its by one get one free x

I had Manuka honey through chemo and radiotherapy and I’m sure it helped with the tiredness and well being.

Had awful burns with the radiotherapy and my breast care nurses gave me manuka honey dressings that worked brilliantly! Whenever I feel low I make sure I have my honey on toast, haven’t had any of the back to school colds I usually get…
Sainsburys 10 + worked for me.

love Katie

Quite right. Manuka honey is expensive. The Sainsbury £7 one is the 5+ one, I think. I just got some 20+ in there for about £13. All monofloral honeys I’ve come across are the same kind of price though.

Is it better than other honeys? Well, it depends what you need it to do. If you are looking at wound healing or infections, manuka honey works simply because the manuka (or tea tree) bush has antibacterial properties. Only the ‘active’ ones are any good. for everything you ever wanted to know. Also explains the ratings system. :slight_smile:

Works for me.

I agree with Alex G: - why spend so much on this particular honey?

If you like honey and feel better for eating it why not support your local bee keepers and buy their honey -or help people in the developing world and buy Fairtrade honey . I can’t see the point in paying way over the odds for Manuka (or even worse-Lifemel).

All honey has wound healing properties-- but all the rest of the claims re boosting your immune system etc, etc …??

I am nearly two and a half years from dx. After my first chemo I was really suffering with a sore throat from hell and phoned the Christie Hospital to ask for their advice. The chemo nurse recommended that I take manuka honey which was being trialled there to help throat cancer sufferers. I have taken it every day since.

It may be coincidence of course, but I felt that it really helped me. It soothed my mouth and throat, I had no problems with my WBC and I’ve not suffered so much as a cold since.

I swear by it and so do many of my friends and family now.

Take care

Haven’t tried it myself but just to let you know Holland & Barrett have a buy one get one free offer on everything at the moment

I tried it a few years ago, and found I was allergic to it unfortunately, but I have heard lots of good reports about it.

I’ve been using Manuka, 10+, for years. I had a stage 4 diagnosis from the very beginning, in 2003. Since then I’ve been in good health and only had a very small number of colds. I’ve been on constant chemo since April 2008, Xeloda, so I’m not suggesting it cures cancer but my bloods bounce back and I’ve felt well. Perhaps I would have felt this well without Manuka? Don’t know but when I have had the beginnings of a cold or sore throat I have found Manuka puts a stop to it.
I read, a while ago now, that Christies hospital were using Manuka after throat surgery.