March 2016 chemotherapy starters?


I have had my surgery (lumpectomey, 4 sentinel nodes removed), pathology results (HER2 positive) and am now waiting for a start date for Herceptin & Taxol. Anyone out there due to start soon?

Good luck to all Feb & Jan starters!


Hi Platinum, just dropping in from January starters :slight_smile:

I’m sure you will be joined by others starting chemo in March soon, its sad to see another thread start, but also good because it means the support continues.

Be sure to come and drop in on the other monthly chemo threads for support, tips and advise - or just a general rant!  I’m always dipping into the December thread to see how they are getting on. I find it really helps. I also drop in on the Feb starters to see how they are getting on too.

I’m on a different regime to you - having FEC-T which is 3 cycles of FEC and 3 cycles of T (doxetaxol - I think!) but the biggest piece of advice I can give and I’m pretty sure it would go with any chemo regime, is to drink masses of water! 2L the day before, the day of and the day after chemo. I then try to keep drinking as much water as I can for the next week or so.  

Wishing you all the very best :slight_smile:

Kim xxx

Hi Mary, I’m so sorry you have had to start a March thread. If only there was nobody having to start new monthly threads. I’m sure you won’t be alone for long. Like Kim I’m from the January thread and have found so much support from others going through it at the same time. The December thread has been really helpful too. I’m having FEC t which seems to be what a lot of people have but there will be others I’m sure on your regime.
Chemo has not been as bad as I thought it would be. Apart from a chest infection this time round I have been pretty well.
Good luck Claire xxxx

Sorry Mary - have just noticed that is your name not Platinum! Xx

Hi Mary
I had a lumpectomy and lymph node clearance (0/11) on 4th Feb, stage 1, grade 3 - I am also HER2 positive and due to start chemo in March, just awaiting a start date after my appt with my oncologist.
This is the 1st time I have used this forum and find the members on here so inspirational!
Big hugs

Hi Mary
‘We poison people!’ Really do hope my oncologist has the same sense of humour ?
I’m going to my local breast cancer centre today to meet other ladies in my position (I’m 39) therapies, lunch etc - looking forward to this, as you say it’s the feeling of being part of a community and knowing you are not alone that will get us through this ?
It’s looking like you are a week ahead of me on your chemo start date, keep in touch!
Big hugs
Loolyboo xxx

Sorry to hear your diagnosis ladies & all the best for getting through your treatment.  It will seem endless, stretching out in front of you at the beginning, but once you get over the chemo halfway point you will see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. I was Aug 2015, so just finishing rads right now. You will have some low points, but also some laughs with the ladies here.  There are lots of fixes for side effects so please ask the ladies on earlier threads for tips as well as your doctors.  Everyone is happy to help & support you.  All the best. xxx

Hi All


I am from the November 2015 thread and am 5 weeks off finishing 21 weeks of chemo

Sorry you are having to join us like Bibi said it seems like a long hard slog at the start but you hit a point where you start looking forward and it just seems a bit easier. 


there is lots of advice on the forum so please feel free to pop into previous months threads and ask us. 



My top tip is sometimes a few days after chemo a couple of days after you stop taking the steroids they give you , you feel a bit down its normal it happened to me and its happened to others you arent going crazy and it’ll pass in a day or so 


Drink lots of water/decaf tea or coffee /squash etc it really helps 


even if you feel really tired unless you feel dizzy or unstable on your feet try to get out for a little walk each day it does help with the fatigue 


dont become a hermit ! :slight_smile: its easy to get worried about infection and lock yourself away but it becomes very depressing very quickly,  you should be cautious to avoid sick people and that person coughing and spluttering inthe supermarket avoid large crowds etc but trips to the supermarket , library etc when its not busy are what breaks up the day and makes you feel loads better mentally just remember alcogel is your friend when out and about :slight_smile:  



the build up to chemo is worse than the actual chemo you can and will do it xx


Thank you all for the great advice and lovely comments ?
Loolyboo xxx

As I read the threads my eyes start and I have to blink a bit - the support means so much.

On a lighter note, has anyone else besides me done a “dry run” to find the exact location of the cancer Day Unit?  My appointment isn’t until next week, but I went on public transport, found the hospital, the right lifts, the right floor, put my head around the door then went home, satisfied that I knew where I would be going next week!  Made me wonder if a little bit of Autistic behaviour had rubbed off on me (I teach in a Special School, young people who are on the Autistic Spectrum and others who have Moderate Learning Difficulties) as I drill/go over events well in advance with my students!

I have tremendous admiration for those who continue to work through diagnosis & treatment - can only say that by being “signed off” I am giving a Supply Teacher a block of work.

Look after yourselves,

Mary xx

Hi Platinum,

you go through things with the children and do dry runs to make the scary less scary so and therefore less stressful, I think your dry run was a good idea! :slight_smile: I often do dry runs for locations im unfamiliar with if I know on the day I will be less stressed doing so, I am under a specialist cancer hospital so finding the hospital was easy but I did go and find the chemo unit a few days before I even knew I would need chemo while I was being diagnosed just incase I needed to know where it was

x take care and be gentle with yourself these early days are scary, crazy but it gets easier

Jen x

Hi Mary. I’ve just joined the Feb starters. I’m on fec-t 6 cycles then rads then herceptin injections. I too had a lumpectomy and 4 nodes removed end of Jan. Nodes are clear but like you I’m her2 positive so here I am. The support on this forum is amazing and more addictive than Facebook. Emma x

Hello everyone,

I hope you don’t mind me jumping in my on this thread! I start chemo for the first time on Tuesday 2nd March. I’ve been told I’m going to have FEC-T once every 3 weeks for 18 weeks. I think the doctor said I may change to something else half way through… Sorry I’ve forgot now, so much to take it!!

I’m 32 from Suffolk being treatment at JPH and I’m gonna try the cold cap.

Wishing everyone all the best xxx

Hi everyone,

I am due to start 4 cycles of EC chemo on Friday 4th March. I am one of those “low benefit” patients that has had to make decision whether or not to have chemo.

Since January I have had  2 lumpectomies then finally a mx and full node clearance.  I had a 1.3mm grade 2 invasive tumour, 8 cm of DCIS and 1/22 nodes positive. ER +,PR+, HER -. I am married, 51yrs old with two children 12 & 13 yrs.

it has been such a hard decision to make but I have received some excellent support from this forum.  I still sometimes wonder if the Tamoxifen would be enough on its own but I know I would worry every day that I hadn’t done all I could to try and beat this horrible disease.

I’m certainly not looking forward to this next journey.  I was recently speaking to a friend and I described having cancer as being placed on a moving conveyor belt. You don’t want to be on it and it won’t stop moving forward…taking you to all sorts of places you don’t want to be.

Anyway, I hope we can all stay positive and support each other.  I find I am constantly trawling the internet trying to learn more although it does frighten me at times.


Sorry we all have to be here but I shall look forward to sharing our hopefully positive experiences .?

Lisa X

Hi everyone. I’m sad to say I’m joining you for March starters. Though happy to find a place where people can share there experiences. I’m 31 with multifocal, grade 2, idc, er+, pr- and her2 as yet unclear! Had left masectomy and diep reconstruction 4 weeks ago. Lymph nodes are clear. I’m due to start FEC on March 22nd. Bit delayed as I’m currently going through an ivf cycle to preserve some fertility (which is not going very well) and then I’m getting married on March 12th (which hopefully will go well). Bit of a rollercoaster since diagnosis in December as I would guess it is for all of us!!! I hope you are all doing well
Xx Natalie

Hi NW31,

I’ve gone through 2 cycles of IVF prior to finding out I had BC. I know what you are going though, it’s an emotional journey and can be very stressful. I wish you all the very best. I’m a year older than you, got married in July last year whilst doing IVF but unfortunately both cycles didn’t work. I may try again once this roller coaster is finished.

How did you find the mastectomy? Sounds like my treatment is “backwards”. I’m starting off on chemo then having surgery.


Hi all

Me too, I start on weds the 2nd, just want it to start now (or go away)

plots of love and hugs to all



Just wanted to say loads of good luck to you all as March arrives and you’re probably feeling a strange mixture of ‘it’s finally starting’ and ‘oh no!’
The best bit of advice I can give you is drink water - as much as you can. 2L the day before, day of and day after. Then as much as you can stomach after that!! Be kind to yourselves, rest when you need to, go for short walks when you feel up to it - fresh air really does help.
Any worries, questions or advice needed, be sure to drop into the other monthly threads where we will all be more than happy to help!
Take care, lots of love Kim (Jan starters) xxx

Hi all. I’m also starting fec-t on the 1st of March (tommorrow) feeling nervous but glad to be moving on. I was diagnosed in Feb 2015 had mastectomy in March 2015 and tried to take tamoxifen but couldn’t tolerate it due to migraine’s. Was told at that time I didn’t need any chemo or rads. But unfortunately in October I found a lump in my scar which was chest wall recurrence. I’ve had 2 further wide local excisions but had failed margins on both occasions, so now they have decided to hit me with everything. 6 cycles of chemo followed by another surgery then rads to finish.
I’m 32 (33 at the end of march) so having Zoladex injection to protect ovaries and induce menopause (er+/Pr+) I am blessed with a little boy who’s almost 5 so decided not to preserve any eggs. Hug’s and hope being sent to those of you who are going through IVF, Losing the ability to have your own children is just so heart breaking and another awful aspect to this horrible disease.
I’ve used this site many times over the past year taking in everyone’s advise but this is the first time I’ve felt the need to post myself. Stay strong and we will get though this xx

i am starting in two weeks, had quick look today, i am at burton