March 2017 Radiotherapy

I thought i would start a March thread off as i had my planning meeting on Thursday and I’m due to start treatment during the first week of March but no date has been confirmed yet. Anyone else starting in March yet?

Planning meeting was fine and the CT machine doing the scan was so much more of a pleasant experience than the MRI as it was more open, so I didn’t feel so penned in, it was much quieter and it was all over very quickly. The 3 little tattoos smarted a bit when they did it, but that’s just me, I think I’m a wuss! ? It was a quick sharp needle prick, one on each side of the body and one roughly in the centre of the chest and you can hardly see them, just like 3 freckles. The staff were lovely and it was all done in about 30 minutes.


Hi mrsorangecat,


Thanks for starting the March thread off.

I joined the Feb one when I got my planning app through but won’t be starting rads until the 1 of March, so I think this thread will suit me better.

Ive also had my tattoos ? They didn’t hurt more of a scratch .?


Have you got your dates through yet?

Im having 15 in total 

Hope you are well and look forward to comparing notes (and possibly a few laughs, hope this turns out to be an easier ride than chemo )


Big hugs Jo x


My last chemo was on the 2nd Feb so still working my way back to some sort of normality, had my tattoos (they do smart) and ct on the 10th Feb and I am due to start Rads on the 9th March for 15 sessions so should be over and done by 1st April, my appointments are at the Sussex County in Brighton any one else going here.

 Good luck 

Mary x

Hi All


Had an appointment with Oncologist yesterday and will be on Letrozole for 10 years and Bisphosphonates for 3, he said I could start now or after Rads if I wanted a break, will probably begin now the sooner the better, next appointment in June which freaked me out a bit, it’s a bit like my security blanket has been taken away, BCN reassured me that I can always ring them if I am concerned about anything.


Mrsorangecat, hope you have a lovely time in Tenerife, we have been going there for quite a few years, I have decided to wait until my hair grows a bit and my energy levels have improved before going on holiday so looking at Sept time, will spend the summer in the garden.


Good luck with the Rads everyone

Mary x

Thanks for starting this thread Mrsorangecat and hello again 7oanne and Maryminder! I’m starting radiotherapy in March at New Cross (Wolverhampton). I have a provisional start date of 13 March, and am having 23 rads in total (15 + 8 boosters at reduced doses) so I will be lucky to finish by Easter. I have decided not to start taking the hormone tablets (Letrozole) until after the radiotherapy. I am still having Herceptin every 3 weeks, and I’m supposed be going back to work next Wednesday (part time), which is enough to cope with on top of the radiotherapy. I had my radiotherapy planning meeting last Thursday (not a good day to be out in a wig, lol). I agree the CT scan is a lot easier to cope with than the MRI, which I hated. My middle tattoo is more prominent than they led me to believe, though - they said I wouldn’t notice it, but you can’t really miss it! I will be having a briefing session next Friday, then I’m going on holiday for a week before the radiotherapy starts.

Hi all … I am on Feb thread but my rads go through to 16 March so hope it is ok to join you too …  nearly two weeks now on Letrozole … 5/19 rads and all ok … feeling a bit emotional but am ok … hope you ladies are encouraged by this x

Another February group member jumping across. I have just completed day 5 of 23 so here for virtually all of March. My last treatment is on 24th

Rachel xx

Hi All

I am after some advice re shower gels etc, getting really confused as to what to use and what to avoid have been using Sanex kids and Sanex 0% since I was diagnosed, not sure if I am being too paranoid about ingrediants etc, I will be using E45 cream during radiotherapy so may just get some E45 shower cream to use.

7oanne, best wishes for tomorrow, will start mine next Thursday, thanks for the tip Helena will take some cream with me as well.



Mary x


My first post. I, too, shall be starting radiotherapy next week and am a bit nervous, as I have to do respiratory gating and am claustrophobic. I got through planning OK, but had to reshape my breathing, as I usually do diaphragmatic breathing and they need to see the chest rise. I have been practising for weeks!


Will keep an eye out here for any tips. Thanks.


Hi all … jumped over and 8/19 sessions completed tiday.  Looking through posts I would say moisturise all the time… I do it in the morning, after session and again at tea time (my sessions are all early morning).  I also drink 2 litres of water each day.  Letrozole started 2 weeks ago.  All going well though constant trips to the loo because of the water?   I also have to breathe deeply whilst being zapped which is not a problem but the last  day or so am becoming breathless during my day.  I mentioned to staff this morning and they will keep an eye on it as my zapping near lung but can be a side affect.  Generally I feel guilty as I have not been ill at all just a bit tired at times makes me wonder if I really am going through this!

Hi … mine is left breast.  I have to breathe deeply to try to keep heart away from chest wall.  I believe the gating system is a better way of doing this.  The machine is able to follow your normal breathing without relying on you holding your breathe.  Also I believe you are worried about claustrophobic conditions but again don’t worry, the machines do not enclose you, they rotate around meaning you have lots of open space.  I hope this helps.

Mine was left breast too but I wasn’t told to breathe any differently

When it is left it depends on where the tumour was as to whether you have to breathe.  

"Hi All,


Just joining from the October chemo thread. I started rads on the 1st March, so number 3 is today. I had a left side mastectomy and ANC in August and am doing the DIBH to protect my heart. During planning I was told that I had done the longest breath hold I would need to do but the repeat scans before sessions 1 and 2 seemed to need an endless breath hold!


I’m not claustrophobic and am used to the mouthpiece and nose clip from a previous life as a lung function technician but was surprised that I found the sessions a bit challenging. After I came out I felt a bit spaced out and slightly sick - has anyone else had that? I think it might just be the release of my tension and adrenaline…


Have also been thinking more about my cancer. In a weird way, during chemo I was so focussed on the SEs and avoiding infection etc., from the chemo itself that I didn’t overthink the cancer part. Now the rads seem to be focussing  me on the possibility of recurrence, even though that is exactly what they are designed to avoid. Anyone else feel like is, or am I just a bit odd??


Good luck to all starting rads in March.


Sue O xx

Hello guys. I’m very pleased to be able to join the March rads thread. I had my planning session and tattoos on 28 February. I don’t start rads till 21st, which is a bit disappointing but at least I have a date and it’s progress. I started Letrozole immediately after seeing the oncologist and picking up the prescription, didn’t occur to me to delay but I haven’t had any chemo I guess it feels very different if you have. Is 5 years or 10 normal for the hormone tablets? I’ve forgotten what she said I was just pretty shocked it was so long!

I had WLE with therapeutic mammoplasty - 2 lumps so they had to remove a large area and then moved stuff around to give me a reasonable shape (excellent in fact). I was warned about fat necrosis and have had hard areas but to my relief they seem to change and perhaps get less. I hope rads won’t make them worse.

Is E45 generally the cream of choice? Is their lotion good enough maybe?

good luck and huge hugs to all others starting out on this. These forums have helped me such a lot already. Xxx

Hi Truey and Jessie

Truey I know exactly what you mean, I was diagnosed last June but had to wait till October for the WLE while they got my bp down so I was focussing on that all the time instead of the cancer

Hello lovely girlies! I hope you are all ok and your treatments are going well? I’m back from hols, feel rested and ready for the rads! I’ve had a letter saying to go on Tuesday afternoon for first treatment. There was no mention of any special breathing technique etc as I enquired about it before as its my left side so I’m guessing I don’t need it. I shall ring tomorrow just to make sure.

So, the consensus is to drink lots of water and cream the area regularly then? Anyone else using Doublebase? I’ve been advised to get that in a big canister. Any pain? (I have mentioned in earlier posts what a wuss I am so it would help me to know in advance ?)

Going to start the Tamoxifen today, I keep looking at the box…well its a start! xxx

Hi Emily … I am 10/19 into my rads and I have to breathe hold.  Like you I was really worried about it but it really is no problem … good luck x


just to mention I have been lucky and although delayed starting for a few days because of machine breakdown, so far I always go in on time … most of my appointments are 8.15am which is brilliant!

Hi Emily … 815 suits me well.  We (my husband always comes) leave home at 7.10 and arrive about 745… my husband interacts with the men and I am happy waiting … it is a lovely atmosphere at our hospital … we miss bad traffic and can park easily … plus we are early risers?

The rads don’t hurt mrsorangecat but afterwards your skin tightens and gets sore