March 2017 Starters

Hi Newgrandma - sounds like you have had a hard time plus not being able to hold your grandchild! Time seems to stand still and the waiting is hell - your brain goes crazy trying to cope with the unknown. My chemo starts tomorrow and last weekend I was freaking out about it. Talking about it helps and I have found this forum great - so many woman with lots of different stories and lots of tips and things to think about. I have had my hair cut short this week - not been this short  since my boys were young more than 15 years ago. Also been to see about a wig with a friend and we had fun - the staff were great.  I can also recommend the helpline - I phoned at a low point and spoke with a lovely lady who asked me questions to get me through my tears and shared some experiences it did help. I’m a bit concerned about my younger son who is 23. I see him about once a week and we do text and I have given him information but he’s not good about talking about stuff - like most men - and he doesn’t like seeing me upset, I’ll see him tonight and hope I’ll get a chance to speak to him on his own. When do you stop mothering your children? Anyway, today’s task is to organise myself for tomorrow and buy a couple of new magazines and some nice snacks to take with me tomorrow.

Hi new grandma congratulations on your first grandchild happy but I surpose very emational time for you not been able to hold baby as well. . Yes i would ring the hospital just to see if they have a date for you yet… it’s the waiting which is the worse sending hugs and hope you get a date soon … angie

Hi moonstruck wishing you all the best for your first chemo tomorrow … will be thinking of you x I know what you are saying about kids no matter how old they are we never stop worrying about them … I ve a son 29 and daughter 23 and like you say men don’t seem to cope as well as they don’t talk about things … let us know how you get on xxx take care angie

HI Rachael Elizabeth hope all goes well for you today xx let us know how you go on with her first chemo . We all feel upset of losing our hair … I have long hair and donating it to help others which makes me feel that I have a little control over my journey… it is upsetting though the fear of going bald … i ve ordered a couple of wigs to help me get through it … sending hugs love angie

Hi Ange, yes all good so far, I’m having my chemo at home so a lot easier…feel fine, but tired and tummy gurgling nicely, but I have enough drugs to kill a horse!! I’ve got another injection today…no idea what sort, I think it might be additional anti sickness. Take care x

Hi Rachel Elizabeth so pleased that all went well for you x that’s nice that you can have it at home more relaxed … my first chemo is on Tuesday next week … got to go Monday for my pre chemo assessment and bloods then back on the Tuesday … feeling like iam always up there having different things done xx ? ? fingers crossed your next few days will be good and kind to you xxx take care angie

Hi Angie, so far so good ish…headaches tummy problems but so far so good… .I have been warned however could hit today and tomorrow. I think I’m going to sort out some reiki which might help, not sleeping great . Hope you’re ok x

Hello everyone, I thought id introduce myself. Im seeing the oncologist on Wednesday so im assuming ill be a March starter with chemo.
I was diagnosed a month ago but still needed tests. I have invasive ductal carcinoma with DCIS and im triple negative which blew me away when I heard. Im feeling positive ( today ) but so so scared of the chemotherapy and have also been advised by the cancer nurse to ask for a picc line or port as im very needle phobic.
Linda xx

Hi Everyone.  My first chemo on Friday went ok.  I was very anxious about it, but it was fine and went exactly as they said - the nurses were all lovely and my husband was allowed to stay with me the whole time as there was space.  No SE - felt a bit sicky and tired, but have had lots of sleep over the last couple of days and not allowed to do anything at home.  At a bit walk this afternoon in the sunshine - good to feel fresh air!

Glad to hear that you have held your grandchild grandma - must be an amazing experience - enjoy!  Good luck to all you first timers, good to have my first session done - although I know it is still early days. Xx

Good luck with the port tomorrow Pam please let us know how you get on. My needle phobia probably extends to any kind of treatment around the veins so the port scares me too haha.

Well done on getting your first chemo out of the way moonstruck. Im glad youre not feeling too bad. Its horrible waiting but im coming to terms with everything about BC being also about waiting.

Good luck everyone this week.
Im going to see Macmillan tomorrow and see if Im entitled to a NHS wig voucher, I stopped work Friday as I work with violent children and the stress has been getting to me xxx

Hi All… I read your post with interest due to you being ER positive with lymph involvement. Me too. I had mx and reconstruction in December, followed by lymph clearance end Jan and had first chemo last week, but ( hence my email ) mine us Tax followed by FEC ?? Any ideas why the other way around? You always worry when your different!! Have you had surgery yet? My chemo seems to have caused a reaction to my new boob, it’s become swollen and uncomfortable, has anyone else experienced this? I’m going to get onto my BCN and the chemo helpline but wondered if any of you lovely ladies might know something too :slight_smile: x

Hi everyone,


I will be a March starter - seeing oncologist this week and will start next week.  Already had single mastectomy and will have chemo and radiotherapy.  Cancer was hormone positive and HER2 negative with lymph nodes involved.  I’m actually not bothered about losing my hair - I have more unwanted than wanted hair nowadays!!


I’m new to the forum - can anyone tell me how to mark this thread so I can find it again?  Thanks!

Hi moonstruck and rachael Elizabeth pleased that your first chemo went ok for you both that’s really fantastic news… it’s nice to hear that every one doesn’t have a really bad time … it is the waiting and the horrible anxious feeling … iam having my first chemo tomorrow don’t think I sleep much tonight though but fingers crossed xxx ? please keep a us all updated and let me know any tips you both might have xx ? ? thanks angie

Hi everyone
Had my second chemo last Thursday -taxol & I feel fine
Linda - have the pic line - it makes the chemo so much better & saves your veins - I was really scared that it would hurt it really only takes a few mins to put in-they take blood from here too before chemo
Having 3rd chemo on Thursday I am cool capping it is hard but after 20min you get used to it
Good luck everyone who starts this week -
Remember you are stronger than you think
Love Star xx

Hi Angie
Good luck for tomorrow - you’ll be fine - it’s just doing the first one - I know your scard you will be ok the nurses are all kind & will constantly ask how you are feeling - my tip is drink lots of water tomorrow to flush your system through love Star xx

Hi Angie, make sure you’re well hydrated but also make sure you’ve been to the loo!!! You need to be comfortable:-) I am taking the mouthwash religiously, taste buds gone but no sore mouth. It really is OK…I’m know thinking about what number 2 may bring!! Good luck for tomorrow xx

Hi Everyone. I like the sound of the beach and sunshine - I must remember that for my next session - looking forward to a holiday when this is over - need things to look forward to. This is still a bit unreal even after my first chemo - need to keep thinking positive thoughts and reminding myself all of my lovely friends and family who are being so supportive and making me laugh - it’s good to talk - and it is amazing how many friends of friends I have heard about who have been through this already. Good luck to all the newbies☺️ 

Thank you  blueash I think I’m getting the hang of this now :smileyhappy:

Hi Pam, I’m keen to know about the homeopathy recommendation, I know Doctors can’t comment but my mum also sailed through chemo and I can’t remember what she took, she’s no longer with us (not cancer) so I can’t ask her. I currently take Oregano, garlic and turmeric, nurses were fine with it. Good luck x

Hi ladies looks like I’m joining the party! I’m starting chemo next Thursday the 16th and will be having 4 rounds of TC. I’m 49 with 2 young children and was was diagnosed on the 15th December with invasive lobular in right breast, which made it a very difficult Christmas. Had my mx on the 24th January, fortunately lymph nodes were clear. I see some of you have already had reconstruction, I have to wait for all treatment to finish before going on the list. It feels like an eternity waiting for the chemo start date, but now I know when it is my frame of mind is lets get on with it, so i can have my life back.
I will be trying the cold cap as the hair thing is really bothering me. I am having it cut next week from long to shortish to help with the process.
Also worried about looking after my 2 children, although I have had plenty of offers of help. I don’t like the feeling of not being in control of my life at the moment and having to rely on others. My partner is fortunately very supportive. I wish you all well with your treatment. Helen x