March 2022 Chemotherapy starters

Hey there, confirmed I will be starting chemo 1st March, 4 x cycles of Pacitaxol (plus immunotherapy, as part of a clinical trial) followed by 4 x cycles of AC. Surgery to follow…

Am stage 3 ER+ and scared scared scared. Treatment in London.

Any other sisters starting in March? Be great to connect and support each other on here.


Eyes_in Sorry you find yourself here :two_women_holding_hands: take it a day at a time, step by step :two_women_holding_hands: Breast Cancer Now is here for you and everyone on here is too :two_women_holding_hands: do have a look at the Services Breast Cancer Now can offer you :two_women_holding_hands: as an when you want to Are you having chemo before operation or have you already had your operation If everything is feeling surreal just remember how fabulous you are because you are Ask away on here as much or as little as you need because everyone will offer :two_women_holding_hands: and It’s what Breast Cancer Now is and a million things in between :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Yes I’m starting Docetaxol plus targeted treatment Herceptin & Perjeta all together every 3 weeks for 6 infusions… I’m so frightened to be honest…

Everything is happening very quickly. I will have my first AC chemo treatment March 2nd at MD Anderson. I’m trying to get prepared as much as possible. My husband is incredibly supportive as we get ready to fight these rogue cells. I look forward to visiting with you and learning all I can. My faith plays a huge role in all that I do. God is good regardless of my circumstances. High fives and hugs!

Hi there @Eyes_In  

Like you I have my first chemo on March 1st, so that’s exactly one week away I’m also Stage 3, ER +, but I had a mastectomy back in November. I’ve had various scans and a lymph node biopsy since then, and will be having 3 cycles of EC, then 3 of Docitaxel, which I’m really dreading, it sounds awful! :nauseated_face: But everyone tells me it’s do- able, and I’m going to try to keep busy and active, as much as is possible. The local Macmillan nurses, who will give my chemo, are lovely, very encouraging and positive, but not in a fake kind of way. I hope you’ve met some BC nurses to help you through, or you can also speak to the Breast Cancer Now nurses on the phone line, they’re a great help too. Sending best wishes from the opposite end of the UK, but hopefully we can all hold each other’s hands and make it through XX Jules


My name is Sonia, i was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 13 January 2022, not a great start to a new year!.

I’m Grade 2 HER2 positive.

Had a lumpectomy on the 20th Jan, apart a slight infection I have recovered well.

I’m starting chemo next Tuesday and feeling some what anxious. 

Will be having Paclitaxel every week for 12 weeks, Trastuzumab every 3 weeks for 6 months, 5 sessions of radiotherapy and then Tamoxifen!! 

Anyone else having the same treatment? 

Hi all, I’m also starting this month, on the 15th. I have (had?) Stage 1 invasive ductal and invasive papillary carcinomas in the same breast, both removed by lumpectomy in January. Having chemo because my Oncotype DX score was very high. My chemo plan is taxotere (docetaxel) and cyclophosphamide (cytoxan) four times, 3 weeks apart.

I’m pretty excited to FINALLY be doing something about my cancer (besides the lumpectomy). I had a port placed today and it’s not too bad. Hurt a bit earlier today but now it’s fine just with Tylenol and an ice pack (I really like ice on anything sore!) Kind of hard to move my neck, though; it feels like there are tight rubber bands in the side where they made the incision. The lumpectomy wasn’t too bad to recover from, either. I was pleasantly surprised at how that recovery went. I massaged my scars with rose hip oil every day after they were healed enough to manipulate, and they’re soft and smooth now and barely show after 2 months.

I’m nervous about starting chemo because I don’t know how I’ll react. I’m mostly worried about nausea and depression. But overall I’m concentrating on chemo being life-saving and manageable. Everyone is so helpful and so positive in these posts, and has so much practical advice.

Hi I am Maggie and thanks NickyC75 for pointing me to this thread

I have had left hand mastectomy,  cancer from there  now gone nothing in margins but a trace in one node. Starting chemo on 28th, decided not to cold cap, will wear the hat with pride!

I am 66 and have a busy life so not having reconstruction either, after chemo I am having all nodes out and then radio therapy :crossed_fingers: will kick it in the ass.

Feeling nervous this week have bloods and PICC line this week 

Lots of love coming your way